Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’ fiction’s box-office flop may hurt award hopes

“It takes more than a big box-office to win an Oscar, but dreary audience numbers for the new movie about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has awards watchers wondering if it can effectively compete for the entertainment industry’s highest honors,” Reuters reports. “Steve Jobs was seen as a strong competitor for best picture, director, actor, and screenplay Academy Awards next year.”

“Yet when the Danny Boyle-directed film opened across the United States [in its first] weekend, Americans stayed away in droves,” Reuters reports. “The Universal Pictures movie took just $7.3 million at domestic movie theaters for a total to date of about $10 million in what Hollywood trade paper Variety deemed a flop. ‘What was a lock (for Oscar success) before, feels less so now,’ said David Poland, editor of website Movie City News. ‘If there is a relentless flop conversation about the movie in coming weeks, it will hurt more and more in terms of awards season because people don’t really give awards to flops.'”

“Dropping all the way to 15th is Universal’s Steve Jobs,” Brad Brevet reports for Box Office Mojo.

“The film was unable to find any traction after its limited release and this weekend lost 2,072 theaters,” Brevet reports. “Its weekend total from 421 theaters was a mere $823,000.”

The film, with a production budget of $30 million, has generated a paltry $16.6 million to date.

Full weekend box office totals here.

MacDailyNews Take: GIGO.

It’s best not to mess with karma. – Steve Jobs

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    1. As usual botty, your missives are as eloquent as you can manage and insightful as one would expect from a troll. You are a credit to your species lower end.

  1. Almost nothing in the movie is based on the reality of Steve Jobs life. Besides the ‘Stolen Gui’ and ‘NEXT was a scam’ stuff even the supposed emotional core of the movie Jobs ‘reconciliation’ with daughter Lisa is fake as in real history Lisa at that time had been living with Jobs and Laurene for years.

    Sorkin must have read the PC press that 80% of people use PCs and Android and figured ‘Jobs bashing’ would cater to the ‘majority’ and sell tickets ( note also his jibe that “Apple uses child slaves at 17 cents and hour” He wasn’t pandering to Apple fans ) . He was wrong as PC people dislike Jobs but why would they ‘pay money’ , they can get free ‘hate Jobs and Apple fantasies ‘ from their own forums (PC and Android users are mostly cheapskates besides).

    This is not a movie about the real Apple founder Steve Jobs. the movie should be titled “Joe Blow Tech Guy” or something but if it was called Joe Blow would anyone see it?

    1. far more insightful than anything Sorkin has parroted i have to say. What PC clone is going to be remotely interested in this film other than the few who will do so purely for sadistic self gratification so pissing off those with a more supportive attitude is about as dumb as it gets and one that only those with a self opinion of them selves the size of a planet would attempt.
      Don’t want to repeat my feelings repetitively so for anything else regarding Sorkin you can take it from my opinion of Boyle below as they seem pretty interchangeable. Just double or treble it up.

  2. I have to say listening to Danny Boyle’s arrogantly hypocritical and dismissive verbal Diarrhoea on the merits of the film’s lofty and self righteous motivations has pushed me massively into the negative corner before I even see it. Far better listening to Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet’s more personal and sympathetic take on Jobs the man over that of the Boyle’s self serving pretentious one.

    1. Not really. Many boring movies are awarded oscars because they also contained great acting performances.

      That said, this movie is a giant TURD, and we should all thank Noah Wylie for doing such a great job with POSV back in the 90s.

      1. Pirates of Silicon Valley remains the best movie thus far. We were all hoping a big budget theatrical release would go one better. But it seems that’s not going to happen. And maybe that’s the way things should be.

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