“Danny Boyle had just finished reading The Circle, Dave Eggers’ novel set in a near-future in which one vast Facebook/Apple/Twitter-encompassing Internet company controls almost all perceivable platforms of digital communication, when Scott Rudin handed him Aaron Sorkin’s script for Steve Jobs,” Alex Ritman reports for The Hollywood Reporter. “‘[The Circle] was terrifying. It was one of the factors I had in doing this,’ the director, in London to promote the biopic, tells The Hollywood Reporter. ‘I thought, ‘This is so f—ing incredible because it’s so benign. What are the drawbacks?’ But if you understand history, you know there will be drawbacks.'”

“For Boyle, taking on tech giants like Apple and Facebook is vital as they continue to expand in size and scope — no matter whether the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook suggest such artistic endeavors are ‘opportunistic,'” Ritman reports. “”‘These companies are so powerful now that governments are running scared,’ Boyle says. ‘They have such influence around the world. They’ve replaced petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical companies — they’re bigger than all of them put together — and they have tremendous, terrifying power. And it’s important that artists and writers are not cowed by them — and if that means they’re accused of being opportunistic, then so be it.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Boy, Cook’s little “opportunistic” comment really pushed Boyle’s and Sorkin’s buttons.

Their rather vehement reactions imply guilt.

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