‘Steve Jobs’ director Danny Boyle warns of ‘tremendous, terrifying power’ of tech giants like Apple

“Danny Boyle had just finished reading The Circle, Dave Eggers’ novel set in a near-future in which one vast Facebook/Apple/Twitter-encompassing Internet company controls almost all perceivable platforms of digital communication, when Scott Rudin handed him Aaron Sorkin’s script for Steve Jobs,” Alex Ritman reports for The Hollywood Reporter. “‘[The Circle] was terrifying. It was one of the factors I had in doing this,’ the director, in London to promote the biopic, tells The Hollywood Reporter. ‘I thought, ‘This is so f—ing incredible because it’s so benign. What are the drawbacks?’ But if you understand history, you know there will be drawbacks.'”

“For Boyle, taking on tech giants like Apple and Facebook is vital as they continue to expand in size and scope — no matter whether the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook suggest such artistic endeavors are ‘opportunistic,'” Ritman reports. “”‘These companies are so powerful now that governments are running scared,’ Boyle says. ‘They have such influence around the world. They’ve replaced petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical companies — they’re bigger than all of them put together — and they have tremendous, terrifying power. And it’s important that artists and writers are not cowed by them — and if that means they’re accused of being opportunistic, then so be it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boy, Cook’s little “opportunistic” comment really pushed Boyle’s and Sorkin’s buttons.

Their rather vehement reactions imply guilt.

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        1. The AMZN phenomenon points out the clueless nature of modern stock trading. It’s a company that doesn’t bother to make a profit (typically) but get massive investment from sucker stock traders. Yeah, that makes sense. (o_0)

          Then there’s AAPL, currently at the absurdly low price of $110 today. The most successful and best quality company on the planet that breaks sales records nearly every quarter. But their stock price is repressed by stock manipulators. Yeah, that makes sense. (o_0)

          Such lunatic behavior eventually reaches a karma point. Between Amazon and Apple, we know which one will still be around, doing well and generating profits in 10 years. 😀

          1. Interesting that they don’t like behemoth tech giants like Apple when I never heard these jokers complaining about tech giants like Microsoft and Google a few years back. Microsoft has been the bane of computing for decades and Google is the bane of privacy, causing people to expect tech to be insecure and unprivate to the point that they can’t see how different Apple is.

    1. Vladimir has a good point, Belarus wins Nobel for a Book and Switzerland as a nation is actually applying for a job at Goldman Sachs, or was it Trump? Whatever.

      The world is upside down, so do not dare to get serious.

      Instead we get Donald for the Oval and Disney delivers its new and nutrition optimized Marshmallows for elementary school.

      Hell we are in Texas already, where do we go from here? I was just asking.

      John Oliver would eventually say so, the writer of an forever unreleased book named “101 historic lies”

  1. If he was in any way serious about this he should produce a movie on tech companies as a whole. Go all in and battle them all.

    Focusing on a single person just because he was very famous and no longer with us is the very definition of opportunistic.

    1. Does seem strange to hook yourself to this moral crusade when the main character spent most of his life and all of this film life fighting against the powers that be in and outside of the tech industry. And despite the fact that Boyle has spent most of his adult life in a World truly dominated by a conglomerate in Microsoft that seriously did set out to control and manipulate anything and everything which he seems/seemed totally oblivious of and has to thank the very person he now demonises that we escaped that fate. Apple has and doesn’t have anything like the control and influence in high places that others have and still do indeed, nor with its market emphasis the ability or desire to control so deeply every electronic aspect of our lives. Did he mention Google by the way? If not then he is clearly less free thinking or intuitive than I used to give him credit for.

  2. Equally, media conglomerates & studio’s that makes films like STEVE JOBS are terrifying in their ability to rewrite history to their own sensationalistic or political agenda’s if they want to, and totally get it wrong.

  3. This pretty much betrays the motives behind this film, what these people were out to portray in demonizing Steve Jobs in any way they could. I think people should generally boycott–better yet ignore–this film…

  4. “tremendous, terrifying power.”

    This perfectly describes the way I feel about these writers who publish FUD, lies, partial truths, exaggerations, and fantasy that hurts the memory of a great man and a great company that stood for excellence.

  5. These arguments are oblique to each other. Opportunistic to make art for money? Maybe. Opportunistic to use art to make social commentary and raise awareness of social issues? To provide cautionary tales that keep us alert to dangers of losing or sacrificing our rights and freedoms? To exposing some of our hypocrisies and forcing intelligent discourse on socially relevant concepts? Maybe. Opportunistic to use a modern public figure to make some of these points? Opportunistic to provide what by most accounts so far is a very entertaining (if not necessarily historically perfect) movie? Maybe.

    Is Tim Cook wrong? Not really, but he hasn’t seen the movie and therefore his take might be premature.

    But MDN’s assessment of “guilt” seems irrelevant, if not also premature.

  6. this is what I get from Watching Trailer One (before they revamped) it and the various press releases:

    1) Sorkin believes such falsehoods as ‘Apple stole the GUI’ and that Apple today ’employs child workers for 17 cents an hour’. A person who thinks like that can’t make a ‘truthful’ movie no matter how artistic.

    2) Danny Boyle who believes companies like Apple are terrifying entities trying to enslave the world… hmmm.

    3 Then We’ve got major consultants like Woz.

    I have fond memories of Woz as a founder of Apple but as Woz is being touted as the ‘final arbiter of truth’ in the movie I have to point this out:

    Woz ALSO cheered Mike Daisey the performer who lied on CNBC, NPR etc about interviewing child workers working for Foxconn and made a whole show about the agony of these children working on Apple products. Woz said the show made him cry. He was so enamoured he went on stage with Daisey.

    Even AFTER Daisey was found to have fabricated everything he never met any child workers, Woz continued to support him,

    The Verge (AFTER Daisey revealed as a liar ) :
    “one individual that’s standing by Daisey is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In an interview with CNET today, Woz stated that he thought Daisey’s work was a positive force ”

    Get that? Woz believed it was OK to Lie about Apple if it was for the GREATER GOOD i.e if it ‘fits Woz’s social concerns’.


    (Note also : After Steve Jobs death the postal service came out with a Jobs stamp commemorative, Woz’s comment was ‘they forgot the engineer’. Recently to promote the movie (he’s an official consultant) his been around telling everyone Jobs knew nothing about tech.

    Sept 2015 ibTimes :
    “Wozniak claimed Apple’s success in its first 10 years came as a result of work he did that Jobs knew nothing about.”

    We as apple fans might be fond of Woz but seeing those facts (verifiable unlike 17 cents an hour) must admit Woz has some issues with Jobs and Apple.

    Note also the last major Apple product Woz worked on was the Apple ll, he knows little about Mac, all the othe stuff OSX, iOS, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc had none of his input . He didn’t know jobs at Next or Pixar )

    The OTHER major consultant was Chrisann Brennan the estranged girlfriend of Jobs. Like getting the story from one spouse of a bad divorce.
    (btw please note that Lauren Powell married Jobs in 1991 and stayed with him until his passing. )

    so we’ve got creators who dislike Jobs, Apple , have their facts screwed up or pure fantasy (even Woz says many of the incidents and conversations in the show never happened) and ‘consultants’ who are not neutral.

    from all these things no matter how ‘artistic’ the critics are saying I’m giving this a pass.

    The SAD thing is that people (like in China) who didn’t grow up with real Jobs (i.e watching him in the news, reading interviews etc over the years) would get a very distorted picture of Jobs and Apple.

    ALSO for all the CHEST BEATING about worrying about the public being victimized by profit making companies, the creators don’t care about the thousands of Apple employees and shareholders or friends of Jobs they would hurt when THEY BEND THE TRUTH FOR DOLLARS at the box office.

  7. Corporatocracy = Neo-Feudalism, IMHO. They are the new overlords. We are the barefoot and stupid peasants.

    But WHY would anyone apply this horror of anti-democracy to APPLE? Explain that to me!!! They are the exact OPPOSITE of the likes of Goldman-Sachs, General Electric, Exxon, Cargill, Monsanto, Comcast, Sony (music and pictures) ad nauseam.

    Apple-Paranoia always amuses me to no end. Point to just about ANY other company for biznizz bozo horrors. Why Apple is considered ‘terrifying’ makes me highly suspicious that what’s being foisted on us is just more of the same old:


    AKA propaganda. All the lousy companies HATE Apple for being a seriously GREAT company, worthy of customer praise. Apple makes just about every other company look inadequate, to say the least.

    And no, sad little trolls, that statement has nothing to do with fanboi-ism. It’s about the quality of the business.

      1. I gave you 5 stars to counter the troll ratings.

        (weird but I was one of those who criticized Cook for spending TOO MUCH time on social concerns while there are un-adressed quality issues in a few apple products. Here are people bashing Apple for the reverse i.e not caring enough.

        Recently a ultra left wing local environmentalist in my area — the liberal pot smoking northwest – even PRAISED apple (among a few other progressive companies) in a newspaper article for being a positive force in the world! naming examples as labour reform and green energy! Saying all companies SHOULD BE LIKE THIS. This guy was a TV host — forced out for being too radical — and has fought pipe line building, forest cutting, tuna fishing so I almost fell off my chair when he praised apple… )

        1. I think you spend far, far more time on right wing politics than Tim Cook “spends on social concerns.” My guess is that you’d rather not hear about it from him or anyone else. You’re on the wrong side of history.

          1. what makes you think I’m right wing?

            I consider myself ‘middle’.

            gays, environment protection don’t bother me at all, I’m all for saving the environment. But lying bothers me , lying and then implying they’re doing it ‘for good of humanity’ like Sorkin infuriates me etc. but that doesn’t (or shouldn’t ) make me ‘right wing’. (if it does than I’m sorry for the left).

            what in my post above suggest otherwise?

            I mentioned an ultra left wing environmentalist thinks apple is going in the right direction of green energy and labour reform to show that that if the ultra left is OK with Apple it’s weird that Sorkin, Boyle etc criticizes Apple (echoing Derek’s post).

            What I’m implying is that perhaps Sorkin , Boyle’s criticism’s about ‘evil corporate apple’ is just to GENERATE PUBLICITY? like Sorkin’s 17 cents an hour lie?

            I don’t think i’ve posted one pro or anti Obama, trump etc thing at all on MDN. I’m not interested in partisan politics.

            I’m an artist, worked in advertising and practically all my friends (mostly art folk ) are hippy like, bicycle riding, environment animal protesting people. I live in a small town on an island where in the city council wanted to give out ‘free Bong pipes’ (seriously).

            Still I believe in logic and looking at the FACTs on each situation.

            As for Cook, I think the launches of Apple’s TWO BIG NEW PLATFORMS Apple Music and Apple Watch has been rife with problems . Apple Music only had instructional videos out (the ‘guide tours’) at the END of the initial free period in hundreds of millions spent and now will forever be tarred with ‘hard to navigate’ label and what was the Apple Watch Apr 24 launch date about? ETC. (these were EASILY AVOIDABLE mistakes made like I said on Apple’s MOST IMPORTANT NEW initiatives for years and should NOT have happened ).

            I was waiting for apple PR to smooth over and explain the Apple Watch Apr 24 etc launch confusion suffered by the public and press but they were SILENT, the only PR statement weeks later was a video on the San Francisco Gay Parade (I”ve nothing against gays like I said but to me some at apple have lost business focus).

            and there were problems with Yosemite, iCloud etc.

            I still think Apple is doing better than it’s rivals and the new iPhone is fantastic but the stock is stuck with no gains vs huge amounts by rivals and much lower PE than even the S&P average, so yeah I think Cook should focus more (like Jobs would have done) on product perfection before TOO much on social concerns .

            (if you think all THAT is too right wing, then so be it, me I think I’m just being practical)

            I really wanted a good Jobs movie but I don’t think Sorkin’s is.
            MY MOVIE would have started with grey scene of miserable office workers slaving over green screens with command line MS DOS and ending with happy people walking around with iPhones, Macbook airs and IPads implying This is the World Jobs made.

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