“Laurene Powell, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, on Wednesday tweeted her appreciation for a review of the ‘Steve Jobs’ movie by noted tech journalist Walt Mossberg,” Levi Sumagaysay reports for SiliconBeat. “Mossberg wrote for The Verge that ‘the Steve Jobs portrayed in [Aaron] Sorkin’s film isn’t the man I knew.'”

The movie — which paints a negative view of Jobs but which screenwriter Sorkin has acknowledged isn’t completely factual — has been slammed by supporters of the late tech icon,” Sumagaysay reports. “‘People are trying to be opportunistic,’ said Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in an interview with TV talk show host Stephen Colbert recently.”

“‘It’s heartbreaking,’ Jony Ive, Apple design chief, said earlier this month at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment summit,” Sumagaysay reports. “Powell actively lobbied against the making of the movie…”

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MacDailyNews Take: It is heartbreaking. Yet another blown opportunity at telling the real story of one of the most interesting men the world has ever known. And it won’t be the last, we fear.

We’re not saying to skip the movie. See the movie, but just act like an Android settler and figure out a way to see this fiction by parting with the least amount of cash possible, so as to not reward the opportunistic peddlers of this ginned-up panoply of lies.

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