Steve Jobs’ widow continues to speak out against ‘Steve Jobs’ movie

“Laurene Powell, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, on Wednesday tweeted her appreciation for a review of the ‘Steve Jobs’ movie by noted tech journalist Walt Mossberg,” Levi Sumagaysay reports for SiliconBeat. “Mossberg wrote for The Verge that ‘the Steve Jobs portrayed in [Aaron] Sorkin’s film isn’t the man I knew.'”

The movie — which paints a negative view of Jobs but which screenwriter Sorkin has acknowledged isn’t completely factual — has been slammed by supporters of the late tech icon,” Sumagaysay reports. “‘People are trying to be opportunistic,’ said Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in an interview with TV talk show host Stephen Colbert recently.”

“‘It’s heartbreaking,’ Jony Ive, Apple design chief, said earlier this month at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment summit,” Sumagaysay reports. “Powell actively lobbied against the making of the movie…”

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MacDailyNews Take: It is heartbreaking. Yet another blown opportunity at telling the real story of one of the most interesting men the world has ever known. And it won’t be the last, we fear.

We’re not saying to skip the movie. See the movie, but just act like an Android settler and figure out a way to see this fiction by parting with the least amount of cash possible, so as to not reward the opportunistic peddlers of this ginned-up panoply of lies.

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  1. Sorkin is the Murdock of Hollywood. It’s a weird, sadistic pervert, opportunist who takes a self-acknowledged sad, unfortunate side episode in another persons life (a person whose life was definitely focused on working to make life better for humanity) and features it as the center-point of his multi-million dollar production tabloid-style biopic. Is this what you want to spend $30 million to tell the world about this great soul? To hell with your shitty little movie. It’s gossip vomitt! And he laughs about it on the cover of Hollywood Reporter. This guy is sick!

    1. i agree with most of your post..

      as for “self-acknowledged sad, unfortunate side episode in another persons life”

      I think you are meaning Jobs relationship with Lisa?
      If so even that is distorted in the movie. At the time of reconciliation shown in the movie Lisa in actuality was living with Jobs and Laurene and had been for years.

      Nocera NYT editorial:
      “There are moments in the film, like the big “reconciliation” scene with his out-of-wedlock daughter, Lisa, that are almost offensively in opposition to the truth. (Although Jobs’s relationship with Lisa could be volatile at times, she had in fact lived with him and his family all through high school.)

      “That last scene hinges on an imagined reconciliation with Lisa, and depends on an astounding fiction of omission: The entire scene takes place as if Jobs is unmarried, has no kids, and hasn’t changed at all as a result. In fact, Jobs married Laurene Powell in 1991. They had three children, Reed (1991), Erin (1995), and Eve (1998). And Lisa lived with Steve and Laurene from 1992 to 1996.”

      1. Rupert Murdock has aggressively delivered tabloid garbage to the masses all over the world through his global newspaper and satellite TV empire for the last 50 years. He’s the king and pioneer of the tabloids. He delights in scandels, gossip, rapes, murders, character assasination, paparazzi exploits—anything to dumb-down the masses by appealing to the lower animal instincts. I read that Steve joked that he had to hide the kitchen knife from his wife Laurene when he had Rupert Murdock around to his home as a guest for dinner—because she detested so passionately all he stood for.
        If you read the storyline of Sorkin’s first movie screenplay—Malice—and think about the title choice it will be obvious how much alike are Sorkins and Murdocks mindsets.

    1. You are right. Funny how some revisionism and revisionists are praised and others hated. I notice how NPR and others were praising Oliver Stones vervison of the Cold War where the only bad guys were the U.S.

  2. “…figure out a way to see this fiction by parting with the least amount of cash possible…”

    Wait for it to show up on Netflix a year from now. Oh wait, I meant to say 5 months.

    1. The movie is in no way based on the book. The book was also a travesty, and also disliked by Ms. Powell-Jobs. Sorkin keeps regurgitating the lie that his “bio” is based on the book’s bio, when in fact the events portrayed in the movie are not even in the book. Another opportunistic lie, saying the movie is based on the book out of one side of his face, while the other side of his face is trying to tell us it is not in fact a biography. Perhaps an attempt to lure the people who read the book to fork out another wad of dough? I bought the book, couldn’t finish the craptastic piece of dreck, and I will not pay again to help yet another opportunist make money off a man who certainly deserves a better shake than either Sorkin or Aaronson have done. My heart goes out and my hat is off to Ms. Powell for speaking out. Steve, we hardly know you.



  3. Sorkin is just sore he’s not Jobs’ kin. Sore kin you suck. Leftist douchebag history re-writer – and yeah, the NewsroomTV show was a revisionist piece of Sh!t, too

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