Apple Mac sales growth defies massive Windows PC industry decline

“Mac is Apple’s second most valuable business and accounted for 13% of Apple’s revenues,” Puneet Sikka writes for Market Realist. “Although the overall PC industry declined by a year-over-year (or YoY) rate of 11% in the quarter ended September 30, 2015, Mac sales grew 3%, according to IDC (International Data Corporation).”

“Although the Mac performed better than the overall PC market, its growth rate was below the June-ending quarter growth of 9%,” Sikka writes. “The primary reason for Apple Mac sales growth slowing down in the last quarter was the appreciating US dollar (UUP), which makes Macs more expensive to sell in the international markets.”

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“Apple last quarter set a new Q4 sales record with the Mac, having sold 5.7 million units over the past three months,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR. “All the more impressive is that Apple over the past 12 months set a new Mac sales record, having sold 20.6 million machines over the last fiscal year.”

“For whatever reason, the masses have spoken and they’re simply not interested in saying goodbye to the Mac anytime soon. And Apple, to its credit, remains as invested in the Mac as ever,” Heisler reports. “In the past year alone, Apple has released a brand the following new Mac products: a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, a new MacBook Air, an updated 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Force Touch trackpad, a Retina 5K 27-inch iMac, a hyper-portable 12-inch MacBook, and new 21.5-inch iMac with a 4K display.”

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  1. It’s too claustrophobic and unrealistic to completely rely on small mobile devices for many so the desktop is here to stay for the time being. This next Mac Pro update will determine if all of my needs save one – professional VFX work & 4K editing – will be on the next Mac Pro, or, *gasp!*, a PC workstation. And I know a few others contemplating the same unfortunate move.

    1. We have little choice if we don’t want to waste time we simply can not replace.

      We pick the fastest, most efficient computer for heavy duty tasks regardless of the OS.

    2. My beloved Mac Pro went stupid last week and I am running on a Mac Mini with SSD attached to a 4 Bay ProBox via USB 3 temporarily.
      Mr Cook, many of us need a real tower Ned do not want an iMac using. Laptop CPU in a sealed box and no means of expansion. The black trash can is a nice engineering exercise that does not serve the Mac Pro market.
      People like myself who bought height profit margin Mac towers through the dark times helped support Apple as it dug itself out of a hole and we should get at least a little consideration.

      Steve Jobs famously likened desktops to trucks and said there would always be a market for them. If Apple has $200 billion plus sitting around, design us a decent mini tower that takes standard cards and can be user upgraded. And keep Jony Ive away from it so the box can be opened.

  2. Does anyone have a clue as to about how many Mac Pros are being sold a year. I never hear or see anything about them. They do show up in the Apple refurb section from time to time but I’m not sure who exactly is buying them. I heard there was plenty of instances where buying a high-end iMac was a better option depending on the types of jobs you needed accomplished.

    1. That would be interesting to know. Sure most people don’t need them, but anyone in computationally demanding environments sure does. Apple needs to still stay in this space. And why not? They have the resources to easily maintain it and not have it be skin off any other division’s nose.

  3. “For whatever reason, the masses have spoken and they’re simply not interested in saying goodbye to the Mac anytime soon.”

    Perhaps we can paraphrase that and say, “For whatever reason [which we all know], the masses have spoken and they’re simply not interested in staying with Windows anytime soon.”

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