“Andreesen Horowitz’s Ben Evans tweeted out a trailing 12-month chart of iOS and PC sales using data from IDC, Gartner and his own company showing the rising trend of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices,” Kevin Tofel reports for ZDNet.

“The data shows both the growth of iOS sales and the challenging PC market, which has generally been flat since 2008,” Tofel reports. “Clearly, traditional laptop and desktop computers aren’t going away any time soon. There are still plenty of apps, services and activities that are best suited for a PC.”

“But the post-PC world shows that a sizable subset of computing tasks can be done on mobile platforms and more portable devices,” Tofel reports. “There are now mobile versions of Photoshop, as well as similar but lighter photo editing apps. a slew of iOS enterprise titles — with more coming all the time from IBM — and remote access clients to connect to older computers and run legacy apps. Heck, Microsoft is even breaking down old platform barriers by creating dozens of its apps for iOS.”

Apple Macs and iOS devices now outselling Windows PCs

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MacDailyNews Take: Add in the 20+ million Macs sold in the last year and Apple devices are now outselling Windows PCs.

But, of course, this actually happened for the first time, on a quarterly basis, back in Q4 2013:

Benedict Evans: Apple iOS and Mac sales vs. Windows PC and Windows Phone sales

Source: Benedict Evan

As we have always said, even as many short-sightedly waved (and continue to wave) the white flag, the war is not over. And, yes, we shall prevail… No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft.MacDailyNews Take, January 10, 2005

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