There are already 45 Apple TV apps and games available in the Apple TV’s new App Store

“One of the more intriguing and exciting aspects of Apple’s fourth-gen Apple TV is that it will support its own dedicated App Store,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR.

“While it will undoubtedly take some time for developers to unleash the Apple TV’s full potential as an app platform, there are already a number of tvOS apps available for download,” Heisler reports. “While you can expect to see the usual lineup of heavy hitters — Netflix, HBO etc. — there are also a number of games and utility-oriented apps set to populate Apple’s new App Store on day one.”

Heisler reports, “So without further ado, [here] are a list of some of the first apps that will be available to users once they set up their brand new Apple TV.”

Check them out, with screenshots and videos, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready for the avalanche!

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  1. Too bad the ATV4 I ordered is still setting in the UPS facility in Ontario CA. Next day air and I get this update from UPS: “We’ve left the package in our facility. This may cause at least one business day delay.” Now I won’t get it until next week… Should have taken the free delivery option.

    MDN, please stop all Apple TV stories/news/updates until I get my gen 4 Apple TV. Thank you.

    1. Apple TV4 is available at the Apple Store TODAY!!!
      I just picked mine up in SoCal. Installed, watching it……new interface very cool, setup is really fast with your iPhone 6 info transferred automatically to the TV4 unit during set up.
      Gonna be the sleeper hit of the Holiday Season….!!!

  2. I’m sure there will be a lot of people whining about why aren’t there hundreds of apps by now. I don’t need hundreds of channels on my Roku 3. Just the few I use. AppleTV seems to have a pretty good selection of channels and I’m sure there will be plenty more coming. I think there will be plenty of developers on board for AppleTV especially if there’s an easy way to convert core iOS games to tvOS with the addition of Metal API. Apple should end up with a pretty solid platform. The only thing Apple really needs to do now is to cut some reasonable deals with the networks and get a leg up on rivals.

    Here in NYC, TimeWarner is unveiling a trial run of offering their channels without the need of a cable box. Actually the Roku 3 already supports a TimeWarner cable channel and I use it occasionally, but you can’t record or playback anything from your cable box with it. I don’t think it has all the channels the cable box has either. Programming gets tricky as it moves from device to device due to how contracts are written. It appears TimeWarner is willing to accept letting go of cable boxes so maybe there will be changes made in the industry.

  3. The BBC have announced that FINALLY iPlayer will be released for the Apple TV. Once that comes in ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5 won’t be far behind, meaning that the device might actually be worth owning in the UK.

    Still, right now I’m happily doing all of this on my Roku devices, so they’ll need to be a killer feature for me to move over.

    1. I agree. I upgraded one of my three out of curiosity. I have two others that won’t be upgraded til I see a channel offering from Apple very similar to what we’ve read about here on MDN. I watch about 15 of the top channels they’ve listed on those ratings listings.

  4. Hell hath frozen over.

    I got my new Apple TV 4th generation today. Sadly, I’m returning it. It’ll be my first Apple return ever. It simply isn’t the price for me. It’s gorgeous and it’s better than the 3rd generation model, but it’s hobbled in a few ways.

    In Japan where I live Siri is available only in Japanese. Yes, the Apple TV is in English (and selected for Japan as the country), but in preferences Siri is greyed out and unavailable. Switch to Japanese, and Siri is available.

    I enjoy both Netflix and Hulu, but there is no Hulu app. A Hulu rep emailed that Hulu Japan has no plans to bring Hulu to Apple TV 4g.

    With the seriously hobbled search function, no Hulu, and a high price tag compared to the 3rd generation model, I’m returning my Apple TV 4th generation. I will look at Apple TV again in a year or two.

    1. The Hulu problem… Is HULU not Apple.

      Siri not in English.. Now that’s Apple’s mistake.
      Use Siri to learn Japanese.
      I bet the first update or two will bring English to the Apple TV, so relax on that part.

      1. “Use Siri to learn Japanese.”

        I have done something like that. I change Siri to Spanish, German or French to see if I still remember anything from school or living there years ago…. It actually works good and makes you think about what you are saying. So, follow BACKLASH’s idea and use it to learn Japanese…

    2. Four one-star votes? Why? I just shared my experience. I wasn’t rude. Can’t you all accept that for my circumstances my decision is good for me? I could use Japanese as some have suggested, but searching for English content in Japanese usually just doesn’t work. I will revisit the new Apple TV again some day and continue to enjoy my 3rd generation model.

      1. Yeah I know how you feel mate. It’s like anything you say that isn’t fever-pitch pro Apple gets marked down. I don’t bother looking at stars that much now. I support your decision and hope that it’s not the same situation in Hong Kong too. I don’t even think we have Netflix yet (but maybe available next year….)

  5. My Apple TV was delivered today. Some apps are featured but you have to search to see them all. It was a bit tedious though I didn’t have time to see if Siri could help. I had to go to Search and enter an a and browse, the remove the a, enter b, then browse and so on. I hope there is a better way if that store gets the number of apps that I expect. The interface is fresher but to me right now with only a half hour to play and explore, it seems much the same. Also, do you hold the Siri button while you speak or do you even speak into the remote or just bark out the orders? I assumed the remote but never could get my girl to respond, even when I cussed her. I was a little let down that there is no AMC app and no CW app. So CBS charging to view their content? I got other apps set up and got to that one and was on the website activating and it did look like it though I repeat that I was in a real hurry since I was only home for the lunch hour. The setup was neat in that you use your iOS device (if you choose) and the ATV reads your network and its password and your Apple ID and its password from the phone. The weird thing was that I still had to credential a couple of times – not a huge deal though. The picture seems clearer and the Netflix experience through the menus is much improved. I really wanted to try the Siri search but couldn’t get it to work. I’ll get to it this evening. Still wondering if it’s worth the $200 without a cable bundle considering I don’t play a lot of games. There does appear to be a lot of potential for apps based on the types and variety available now – which will likely increase soon.

  6. So, who will be the first to get an iSight sort of camera to work with the TV? I can see this being used for chat and gaming.

    Will it use that User-Hands-Off! USB port?

    Or has this already been solved? It’s gotta happen.

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