Apple TV dominates in ‘TV Everywhere’ viewers

“When it comes to TV Everywhere, Apple is crushing the competition,” Sam Mattera reports for The Motley Fool. “In contrast to pure, over-the-top offerings like Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu, TV Everywhere apps use logins from paid-TV providers to authenticate. Popular examples include HBO Go, Watch ESPN, and Showtime Anytime.”

“Apple’s devices, including the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, are used far more often to access these apps than rival products, according to Adobe,” Mattera reports. “About two-thirds of the people using these streaming apps accessed them from Apple products in the second quarter. The iPad and iPhone were particularly popular, capturing 22.3% and 18.2% of the market, respectively. The Apple TV was less popular on a comparative basis, but still bested its set-top box rivals. This dominance bodes well for the success of the forthcoming fourth-generation Apple TV model, as well as Apple’s widely anticipated streaming service.”

“The Apple TV captured 12.8% of TV Everywhere viewers in the second quarter. That’s almost twice as many as the Roku at 6.8%,” Mattera reports. “Amazon’s Fire TV brought in a paltry 1%, while video game consoles and smart TVs combined for less than 3%. Android devices in total brought in only 9.1%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple users are proven to pay for content and content providers should never forget that fact.

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  1. @ breeze: Well, if this is a news site, then let’s discuss the news instead of slinging mud, shall we?

    Wall Street may not be excited at all about Apple and many analysts may be grossly off in their estimates. But some are actually onto something that you seem to ignore. First, Apple does not operate in a vacuum. It has competitors. For example, Roku just released its newest set-top streaming box. It offers all the features that serious videophiles want, at a price that undercuts the AppleTV. That includes discrete audio output and support for the latest A/V standards including 4K resolution. And Roku doesn’t force you to have an Apple account or attempt to rope you into a subscription like Amazon does. Of course, you can if you wish to do so. Second — and this is the big one in my mind — Apple has practically infinite resources yet it took 3 years to update the Apple TV, which is obsolete before it even reaches the shelves. Other competitors roll out new hardware in 2 years or less.

    Apple TV doesn’t dominate jack anywhere. It’s still a hobby. All Cook cares about is iPhone sales. Everything else under his watch has been late and uncompetitive. This household will not be buying an Apple TV until Apple gives us a compelling reason to do so. I predict that in less than a year from now, Apple will be discounting the new ATV just to move inventory while Roku and others gain in market profits.

    1. I believe the new ATV will be very nice.
      However, I agree with you. Why on earth, did Apple decide to offer internal memory ONLY? With the Roku 3, you can go out an buy a 64 or a 128 Gb micro usb (out doing apple… plus you can exchange them – inserting a different one loaded with other things) such as storing games and Apps… but it ALSO offers a USB port to playback movies, pictures and music from a Hard Drive. These two features plus the price of Roku BEAT Apple – no matter how good Apple new ATV is.

      1. Just wait to see the Ruko 4, man!

        Voice search and hard drive ports were available on the Ruko 3 before Apple did anything new. It was Ruko 3 was great. Still better than the all New Apple TV. When, the new Ruko 4 arrives, Apple will need to go back to the drawing board. And do better next year. The Ruko 4 will pound the crap out of ATV new.

    2. Ruko 1, 2 and 3 (Ruko 3 dates back to 2012)
      No new Ruko 4, yet (but with 4K video) to arrive by Oct around the time Apple TV new comes out.


      Also spotted last week was a promotion from streaming service CinemaNow that offered “four free high-definition titles with the purchase of a new Roku system.” The promotion, which has since been taken down, was scheduled to start as early as October 1 and run until April 30, 2016.


      Roku will have updated hardware – quite possibly the Roku 4 – as early as next month. The new device, we think, will be 4K-capable as the company admitted at CES 2015 that it has plans for a 4K reference TV that comes with Roku TV built-in.

        1. Most definite prediction, Apple will need to buy out Roku to compete in 2017.

          With Roku’s TV integration on new several Smart TV sets, with all its puck styled streaming device options and the its’ stick option then topped by the Roku 4; the Apple TV will not be the dominating streaming device as stated here in this article.

  2. Though I love my Apple TV and perhaps I will buy the New Apple TV – I still think the Ruko 3; by offering connectivity to a hard drive via USB, should be something Apple did also.

  3. Ruko played games, browsed the net, streamed more channels and offered connection to Hard Drives far before Apple.
    I am not saying its better, yet it is a wonderful alternative.

    1. But Roku is better. The interface of the Apple TV is clunky. It screams of another device intended to force people into Apple’s corralled ecosystem instead of giving the user unrestricted choice.

  4. I don’t want to turn my Mac on while I relax in my living room watching my Tv connected to Apple TV in order to enjoy some of my collections of family photos and videos.

    Apple created this idea of a Digital Hub – and they are slowly erroding the concept. Example, iOS 8 broke off the need for iTunes and the phone being connected for updates to happen. Apple hopes the Cloud is the new hub, I guess. But as the personal computer was created for the masses, the Cloud too does not quite cover the needs of all the people. Its solution does alienate some. However, Western Digital’s Personal Cloud is a good middle ground.

    I am hoping Apple will play nicely with the Personal Cloud (the New Apple TV has apps) devices so I like others will not need to have their computers on to view video. Some times we want to cut the other cable too, the internet that is… it doesn’t need to be on always.

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