Apple Watch saves teenager’s life; Tim Cook offers thankful teen an internship

“An Apple Watch may have saved a teenagers life, and Apple CEO Tim Cook is so pleased that he offered the thankful teen an internship next year,” Gregory Ferenstein reports for ReadWrite. “Paul Houle, a 17-year-old from Massachusetts, says that the watch’s heart rate monitor tipped him off to a dangerous condition. Had he not gone to see a doctor to check out his unusually high heart rate, he may not be alive today.”

“‘After [football] practice I went and took a nap, my heart rate was still at 145,’ he told WCVB, a local CBS news station. Houle went to get the strange readings checked out in the emergency room and was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition which is caused by extreme exercising and pumps out toxic chemicals into the body,” Ferenstein reports. “The story went viral. Soon after, Cook personally called the teen and offered him an internship next summer.”

“Heart rate is a good leading indicator of distress in the body. If it’s unusually high (or low), it’s a justification for further testing. And, indeed, in Houle’s case, the Apple approach to health worked perfectly. Eventually, Apple and other device manufacturers hope to able to predict early signs of debilitating disorders better than a doctor,” Ferenstein reports. “It’s a long game and Apple just scored its first big point.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Many lives will be improved and saved thanks to the revolutionary Apple Watch.

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    1. Early adoption of technology is wonderful if it is used appropriately. Your childish use of emoji and emoticons distracts from your message and shows you to be envious of people with triple digit IQ’s.

    2. Emoji are fun, adding a dash of Dada to stale comments and I would use more of them myself, if only (1) using them in a sacred forum didn’t induce finger-wagging from the grammar police, and if (2) Hello Kitty animated emoji were available from an iOS keyboard


    1. In many cases exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis is a PREVENTABLE medical condition. Too bad AppleWatch didn’t instruct the person to hydrate, maintain adequate serum electrolyte and glucose concentrations, and monitor muscle pain.

  1. Resistance is futile – so compelling! Look I would like to think I have a sophisticated side of me, but frankly, I am not a watch wearer. I don’t like things on my wrist, touching me.

    However, there is no value you can place on your own life. $350 is nothing. On the one hand, I don’t want/need a watch. But I need the Apple Watch. My wife needs the Apple watch.

    Feel good story is an understatement.

    The kid’s life was saved.

  2. Sorry but this story has no credit. If he had noticed his heart rate wasn’t going down after football practice then it doesn’t take an Apple Watch to tell you something isn’t right!

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