Apple takes a swing at privacy-tampling, personal data-guzzling rivals like Google

“On numerous occasions over the past year Apple has highlighted key differences it sees between Google and itself in the way it’s bringing personalisation to iOS without giving users the sense their privacy is being invaded or traded for advertising dollars,” Liam Tung reports for ZDNet.

“With the release of new iPhones, iOS 9, Apple Watch, and the upcoming El Capitan OS X update, Apple has now refreshed its privacy policy pages, this time taking a few subtle stabs at Google and other rivals compared to last year’s update, but also explaining how almost all of its products handle user data from Apple Pay to Maps, Health, and iCloud,” Tung reports. “Apple stresses its maps won’t profile users for advertising: ‘Other companies try to build a profile about you using a complete history of everywhere you’ve been, usually because they’re targeting you for advertisers.'”

“The same goes for iMessage in the updated text: ‘Unlike other companies’ messaging services, Apple doesn’t scan your communications, and we wouldn’t be able to comply with a wiretap order even if we wanted to,'” Tung reports. “And iCloud: ‘Some companies mine your cloud data or email for personal information to serve you targeted ads. We don’t. We know that the more personal your device becomes, the more critical it is to respect the data that’s on it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google = The New Borg.

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  1. The buyback really seems to be working on stabilizing the stock value – I am so tired of watching this stock get beat up and manipulated !! I’ve been a shareholder for a while – but 0% growth YTD is completely unacceptable !!

      1. Glad to hear that you are happy with the P/E Eldernorm – very smart comment – Google’s P/E is 29.9 – Apple less cash is sub 10 !! Sitting and making millions is exactly what I should be doing with the money I’ve invested in Apple !!

    1. So lets get this straight: it’s single-handedly the fault of the buyback program for the recent drop in AAPL? Really? Well, why not throw in the dividend program as well? EOL’ing the iPod Classic got you down too?

      Tell us, O Wise One: What SHOULD the company be doing right now to shore up its value? Please be VERY specific. (And don’t tell us Cook and Co should be buying Google or AT&T or Texas Instruments or some such thing, for the DOJ would never allow such a move. Period.)

      Can’t wait to hear your pontifications, RLJJB.

  2. ‘The new Borg’…

    That would be a great origin story for Star Trek TNG! The Borg originated on earth in 2020, a result of Google’s attempt to integrate advertising directly into the brain.

  3. I wish Apple would purchase or start a rival to YouTube. That is my main video consumption source and I enjoy posting video’s, but this requires I give up privacy to stay logged in on my Apple TV and other sources. Also, Apple’s lack of ability to use the iCloud drive like Dropbox or Google Drive and the limitations of their app make using 100% difficult.

  4. There is an incredible amount of user abuse going on across the Internet, and I’m not talking about abominations like MacKeeper ads. This is a general problem all over the net.

    If advertisers and trackers are going to abuse website users, OF COURSE there will be repercussions and retribution. I wish they’d just get the massive hint and treat users with respect instead of turning them into their products.

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