Waiting for the iPhone 6s FUD attacks

“First there was ‘Antenna-Gate,’ with the iPhone 4 allegedly having signal strength issues,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “Then there was “Bend-Gate”, with claims the iPhone 6 bent far too easily.”

“Now we wait for for the anti-Apple-anything crowd to concoct their latest FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), claims about iPhone 6s and 6s Plus — and it may have just arrived,” Reschke writes. “Users are reporting gyroscope issues that are rendering some applications, such as Sky Guide, virtually useless. There were initial issues with the iPhone 5s having gyroscope issues, but both it and this issue look to be fixable with a simple API software update.”

“This is not a major hardware issue, nor does the gyroscope bug impact every app that uses it,” Reschke writes. “However, with desperate media and competitors out for Apple blood it may not take much to create, and I do mean create, out of virtual thin air, Apple’s next iPhone-Gate.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If not the gyroscope (BTDT six years ago), they* will concoct something.

*AAPL shorts, Apple-haters, Apple’s wannabe competitors

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    1. weird thing is I have night sky an astronomy app and it follows the star constellations where you point the iPhone and my new 6s Plus is super no gyroscope issues here. I think the app maker in question is responsible for this mess not apple.

  1. So far nothing conclusive. Some have a spot on the left edge of the screen that’s more noticeable while using 3D Touch.

    A few blemishes here and there.

    I think this is going to be a good year. 😏 /s

    1. There are a number of incompatible applications. Most of them will be updated in short order, but may sadly may involve upgrade prices. 🙁 The big problem is Apple-enforced code signature restrictions. It’s part of what is called System Integrity Protection, new in OS X El Capitan 10.11. It is possible to turn this off, which for the moment is not a big deal, in order to allow compatibility of some of the broken applications.

      But there are some other odds and ends compatibility situations as well.

    2. I wouldn’t call that panicking. If your business depends on it of course you wait to upgrade. An audio pro will have a Mac that is pretty much dedicated to that one task, and it’s performing that one task now. There’s no reason to upgrade immediately.

  2. FUD #1: GyroGate
    – This one is not universal to all apps using the gyro. So it sounds like some sort of wonky API problem in iOS 9.

    FUD #2: HotLEDGate
    – This one is about some unspecified situation causing the 6S+ to over heat to the point where a message (as yet NOT reproduced in testing) pops up saying the phone is too hot and has to cool down before you can use the camera’s flash LED. The lack of reproducibility so far makes this one seem particularly fake. But we’ll see. At worst, it’s a rare event.

    1. I’ve had this happen too on my iPhone 5S, while it was on iOS 8.x. I had it in a “LifeProof” case that is fully sealed, and it was a hot 32deg Celsius day. Took it out of the case, and afew mins later worked just fine. Not an issue.

  3. There’s already some hysteria over Wifi Assist.

    How exactly is wifi assist any different from Multipath TCP, which we’ve had since iOS7? Does iOS9 now drop a wifi connection even if the actual signal is strong, but its connection to internet is poor?

    The haters are already going on about how it should’ve been disabled by default, that they’re in collusion with the telecoms, and similar BS.

  4. No product in this world is perfect but Apple products are somehow supposed to be. If one were too dig deep enough into any product they can find flaws and those flaws will be found and announced for the iPhone 6s.

    There are people who have nothing better to do with their lives except to find fault with Apple products. It would seem to be a waste of time but some people have nothing but time on their hands. I guess they figure they’re hurting Apple in some way, but I doubt they’re hurting Apple at all. At least they’re getting their five minutes of fame and maybe that makes it all worthwhile.

  5. Gee you guys are behind. Some 6Ss have CPUs from TSMC and some from Samsung. They are different physical sizes, and there *might* be some performance differences. Head on over to MacRumors.

    Also one guy has pictures of, let’s call it ‘picket fence shadows’ along the top oh his display. Like something above the display is blocking the backlight the way a picket fence would.

  6. when Xcode is so buggy it doesn’t even catch simple issues then there are real problems. I thought we were in a phase of fix instead we are in a phase of crap.
    you know something is really wrong when you issue a update release right after you issue THE release.
    it seems lately there is I just don’t care attitude at Apple

  7. Let’s assume for a moment that Apple has DELIVERED >20,000,000 6S/6S Plus iPhones since launch, and that one in every 50,000 has a common problem. That’s 400 common problems, far more than required to stir a content hungry media into action, but represents a problem rate of 0.002%.

    The ONLY people that will get in a twit about those 400 are agitators paid to make something negative out of nothing.

    IF we hear any rumblings it won’t be until after Apple has delivered 30 million units (end of October?). But by then it will be to late to stop this sales juggernaut.

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