I don’t want an iPad Pro, I want an OS X tablet

“Reports are circulating that Apple is preparing to unveil a larger, enterprise and power-user focused (and undoubtedly more expensive) iPad called the iPad Pro,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.

“I’m done with the iPad. I went through a few incarnations, but as soon as I upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus, my iPad became a paperweight on my desk,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “I don’t see the need for an iPad any more — regular, mini, or pro — but what I do carry around with me is my MacBook Pro, so if Apple were to come out with an OS X tablet, I’d be all over it.”

“Look at what Apple’s MacBook brings to the table… Just remove the physical keyboard and add a touchscreen display and ‘BOOM!’ you have a tablet,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Sure, OS X would need some work to make it touch-ready, but Apple has been working towards making OS X look and feel — and work — more like iOS during recent years… So, who’s with me in wanting an OS X tablet?”

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MacDailyNews Take: No, but this brings to mind a question we asked last October about a theoretical “MacPad”Anyone in the market for a 12.9-inch device that’s an OS X-powered MacBook when docked with its keyboard base and an iOS-powered iPad when undocked?

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  1. This is precisely what Steve Jobs said “NO” to. Mac OS X is not designed for tablet use and it would be a complicated, lowered quality interactive use.

    I have used Windows on a tablet. It’s not enjoyable. It’s a bit of a hassle. As many of you know from me, keyboards on touch screens suck.

  2. A Mac Book with removable saucer screen section ala ST:TNG I think that’s a big yes, for many. Certainly would assuage those whiny souls who want an OS X tablet. I prefer my MBP myself when OS X’ing just as I love my iPad for media consumption. How anyone can be “bored” with an iPad is beyond me. They just “aren’t using it right.” 🙂

  3. My idea for this is that it’s an iPad, and when you attach a keyboard the UI changes to OS X (as default behavior that could of course be customized). The apps would be either native to one OS, or could work universally sharing the same locally stored data across both.

  4. I want a hybrid tablet too!

    The only problem is that TC is too lazy and incompetent to innovate anything, much less the iPad.

    He thinks a giant iPad with two apps running at the same time and a stylus will allow him to charge 30 to 40 percent more, as well as turn around the iPad’s fortune.

    He is wrong, because most folks are looking for a long awaited and much delayed merging of iOS and OSX. Unless it runs OSX or they rewrite iOS to have a true file system and better networking capabilities.

    Do you hear that Cook… do your job for once or watch the iPad continue to freefall!

    If Apple continues to let this clown run the show he will completely destroy this company, mark my words!

    1. You’re not alone, I’ve also found a lot of disappointment in Apple lately. It was hard to admit at first, but there are just so many easy to see things I want from Apple that they never seem to deliver. Where is my gaming-optimized Mac Pro? Where is my retina 5K Thunderbolt Display? Why did they wait for iPad Air 2 to finally deliver Touch ID as something they spoke so highly of that you wouldn’t want to run iOS without after the announcement of iPhone 5s? Where is the next generation of innovative technology (VR/AR)?

      Many of you may not believe it yet, but VR and AR headsets are about to disrupt the entire internet. When websites start offering a more immersive experience in a virtual 3D world, and you can walk around Facebook to see your friends, or shop in a virtual physical store instead of a flat archaic website, when the digital world takes a full paradigm shift forward, if Apple can’t do it then it will be left behind or playing catch up.

      I suspect that in 2016 VR will begin its baby steps into changing the world just as much as iPhone did in 2007. It’s been nearly a decade, it’s time again, and this time Apple is not leading the way.

    2. “most folks are looking for a long awaited and much delayed merging of iOS and OSX”

      Most folks with money are looking for “something cool to buy”. Most folks also own iOS devices, so if the “cool” thing runs iOS, it just gets that much cooler.

  5. My idea is a chip implanted in your head controlled by your thoughts. And then you get a tattoo keyboard on your forearm for data entry using special tattoo ink using liquid metal.

    Were you guys serious? I thought we were just making shit up. Sorry.

  6. Re:MDN take – Even if Apple does not implement this, you can do it with AstroPad, and it works GREAT for photoshop on the go. The larger iPad would make it better for sure, but I use it now with a MB Air and an iPad 3 and love it

  7. NO NO NO !!!!


    Didn’t we learn anything from the Windows 8 debacle?

    One OS does not serve both touchscreen and full power desktop user needs. A hybrid becomes the WORST of all worlds.


    (…and yes, i know that all caps is shouting. I am shouting because the idea that Apple should chase after the Microsoft Surface is the stupidest thing Apple could possibly do.)

    1. Nothing on this planet beats the Surface tablet!

      Apple has been old and passé for at least 8 years now!

      Apple still hasn’t innovated in a decade!

      You want the best of everything, one name and one name only, it is MICROSOFT.

      In the meantime, I will fully enjoy all the technology of the future available from Microsoft today will you Apple fannies sit and wait on your big fat buns.

      Keep whining!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I watch my clients try to do basic things on their homunculus underpowered 2 in 1 PCs and they are constantly confused whether to touch the screen, use the keyboard, etc. Apple is not going to do BAD USER INTERFACE.

    also I don’t mind if people touch my iPad but, as a graphic designing, if you get fingerprints on my monitor – I lose my mind, so no thank you to touch OS X unless the screen is self-cleaning.

    1. You are on to something. Apple needs to develop the iSwiffer!! It will automatically clean and disinfect your touchscreen like a rear window wiper on your minivan. I’m sure they are waiting to perfect the iSwiffer technology first, and then they will come out with the Tablet/Computer/Desktop/Mobile/Wireless/Cabled/TV/Radio/Autonomous Car that I read about. It’s all over seekingalpha. Those guys know things that no one else has ever heard of. My go to source for reliable info.

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