“Some think Apple’s next big move will be an iWatch device, while others predict it will be a fully integrated Siri AppleTV,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “However, Apple’s next growth segment will be launching the iOS Laptop.”

“Once again, Apple will make the obvious spectacular,” Reschke writes. “The iOS laptop will run a clickable version of iOS so that you don’t touch the screen but use a mouse or trackpad. It won’t be a hybrid computer like Surface, where the operating system behaves one way with a keyboard and another without. The iOS laptop will use the same form factor as the 11″ MacBook Air, but instead of running OS X, it will run iOS.”

Reschke writes, “It will start at $799 USD and come with 256GB of SSI storage and 2GB of RAM. The key to the iOS laptop is it will not run on an Intel processor but on a quad-core ARM A-series Apple designed processor. This will mean superior battery life as well as more margin for Apple (as they won’t have to pay the “Intel tax” that other hardware vendors must). Everything loved about the iPad will now be available in a laptop format — which for many, will be significantly more practical.”

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