Apple’s big secret: The iOS MacBook?

“Some think Apple’s next big move will be an iWatch device, while others predict it will be a fully integrated Siri AppleTV,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “However, Apple’s next growth segment will be launching the iOS Laptop.”

“Once again, Apple will make the obvious spectacular,” Reschke writes. “The iOS laptop will run a clickable version of iOS so that you don’t touch the screen but use a mouse or trackpad. It won’t be a hybrid computer like Surface, where the operating system behaves one way with a keyboard and another without. The iOS laptop will use the same form factor as the 11″ MacBook Air, but instead of running OS X, it will run iOS.”

Reschke writes, “It will start at $799 USD and come with 256GB of SSI storage and 2GB of RAM. The key to the iOS laptop is it will not run on an Intel processor but on a quad-core ARM A-series Apple designed processor. This will mean superior battery life as well as more margin for Apple (as they won’t have to pay the “Intel tax” that other hardware vendors must). Everything loved about the iPad will now be available in a laptop format — which for many, will be significantly more practical.”

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  1. Anyone else think this is the most ridiculous rumor they’ve heard yet? I think we’re more likely to see Apple sell their own keyboard case for the iPad before this comes to pass.

      1. This isn’t that crazy, but the price would be much lower.

        Truth is, it’s going to be an arm processor mini. The “Mac micro”. It will run full Mac osx. It will play flash programs(Lynch!). You will hook it up to your HDTV. It will not be touch. It will not run photoshop. It will be great for internet apps (like chromebook). It is the mysterious apple tv, but it will be called a computer. And, it will be cheap.

    1. Yes really silly idea, however here’s something that could work and only Apple could create it :-
      Without creating a mess like the surface. It’s simple and would sell many tens of millions. It’s a macbook air running OSX with 9.7inch screen. The screen detaches and defaults to iOS for touch ie iPad. In other words a Macbook air and iPad all in one beautiful machine. simple genius, elegant and extremely useful, two operating systems working off one ARM Chip. The real brilliance of this product is that Android could not compete with it as Google don’t have a real desktop OS that could compete, Apple would have a complete monopoly. I would be first in line to buy such a product.

    2. @Zeph – Yep, it sounds crazy to me, too. But Google recently launched new line of underpowered/always connected laptops running Chrome.  Moreover, there’s a chance that Chrome and Android will be merged over the coming year, so the new Google laptop could soon be running Android, as well.

      If Apple, like Google, sees underpowered/always connected as a winning combination for the next generation of laptops, then an iOS-based Air could easily serve as Apple’s entry into the segment.  It would be an attractive upgrade for an iPad user who doesn’t need to type standing up or read books at the beach.

  2. There is nothing we love about iOS that cannot be integrated into OS X on a MacBook Pro, while maintaining the critical hardware distinctiveness. “Battery life” is not an overriding concern.

  3. I’m sure comments are already appearing as I type this response. Normally, I would have thought that this was really crazy and the writer must be smoking crack or something. However, he might actually be on to something and if anyone could pull this off successfully, it would be Apple.

    In a lot of ways, the naysayers (myself included) would probably say something like “all you need is a Zagg keyboard and an iPad and what’s the difference with the iOS laptop?” (which coincidently I’m using to type this on). But I figure that if Apple did something like this, it would include some type of compelling feature or reason that would cause me to part money and move on to the iOS book or whatever it would be called.

    Actually, for my purposes, the only thing the iPad doesn’t let me do is surf to network shares or files. Other than that, I can do anything I want on an iPad. I haven’t taken my Windows laptop home from the office in months and the last few business trips I’ve taken I’ve left the laptop at home, since the iPad and Zagg keyboard do everything I need to do.

    But as Apple has proven in the past, they can show us a reason to use something like this that we never even knew we needed – hence why I think the writer might be guessing in the right direction (or smoking something LOL)


    1. nope… sorry Reschke – this is just not going to happen…
      and NO way it would be Apples NEXT BIG THING.

      The MacBook Air and other OSX driven machines will soon incorporate iOS functionality YET remain OSX. There is no need for a iPAD with a Keyboard. Specially that one can use Bluetooth and a keyboard already. Or buy a cover that provides the same.

      There are strengths in both iOS and OSX that can be shared.
      Combining the best of both operating systems and developing a common refined OS might occur. And perhaps this argument might be the reason to let Scott go. Yet we are a few years away from this to happen.

      Perhaps Reschke, is confused with a iPAD Pro level – but again to merely add a keyboard goes against all that is iOS and it’s simplicity. I would imagine a refined OSX running on the internals of a MacBook Air yet functioning more like a iPad.

      1. At first I was thinking, “why not – certainly a better product than Surface”, but I think you are right about the Air essentially already being a better incarnation of this product.

  4. $500 or less, A series CPU and a normal hard drive

    only thing i use my macbook is to store photos. i need a large hard drive for that. SSD is too much

    1. We all hunger for file management and true multitasking. Phisical keyboard and battery life would be a plus. The best of OSX and iOS would be sweet. Maybe OSX 10.9 will be called Lynx because it links the best of the two OSs?

    2. That’s what I was thinking. Run real a real desktop OS on an ultra efficient ARM. The author almost had it right. The only thing right is “as they won’t have to pay the “Intel tax” that other hardware vendors must”.

  5. E. Werner Reschke.

    This is one of many “writers” you should always ignore because of this article. I’m going to make a list, starting with this guy, titled “crackpots” so I don’t mistakenly take anything he says as intelligent or smart.

    1. Exactly, but Apple is a hardware company, the software is just the icing that makes it so delicious. So to position an “iOS MacBook”, it’s primary intention would be to sell more hardware. That said, I think this idea is lame.

      1. i agree to some degree.

        Yet I will say it like this.

        Apple is a SOFTWARE company who CONTROLS the production of its HARDWARE to seamlessly work as ONE.

        The combination of the two OSes will occur. As it has already taken place to some extent. As ARM processors increase in speed and number of cores and the length of battery life improve – YES Apple most definitely will INNOVATE towards those advancements… always making a SIMPLE to use machine or device with grace and elegance – style and flare.

        But to slap on a keyboard to a iPad and call this the next best thing. Hell no.

    2. $1000 for a 13″ MBA

      lots of people like me only need a laptop to store photos and do some simple things. i use my iphone and ipad for most things these days

      1. Google ChromeBook is basically
        a Internet browsing hardware device
        at the price of a MacBook Air?

        Google is nutz – obviously.
        Lets Hope Apple will not fallow this idea of Reschke.

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