The new Apple TV’s potential beyond gaming

“It’s now widely expected Apple will announce new Apple TV hardware next week, alongside new iPhones and possibly other products too,” Jan Dawson writes for Tech.pinions. “The headline feature for the new hardware are significantly beefed-up specs which, in turn, will enable the creation of a wide variety of third-party applications including games, through an open SDK.”

“I think it’s entirely possible Apple will create a huge new opportunity for itself and developers around the Apple TV, based on gaming alone,” Dawson writes. “However, I think focusing on gaming alone misses a big part of the opportunity Apple will create here.”

“An open Apple TV SDK also unlocks the door to these popular streaming services, some of which Apple has likely kept off the box for competitive reasons. That may be a downside for Apple, but it should actually make the box more attractive, especially in the period before it launches its own video streaming service,” Dawson writes. “But there’s also a very long tail of more specialized content which could never make its way onto the Apple TV under the current model but might well do so under an open model. Two categories in particular are worth noting. One is the Religion category on the Roku which offers some of the most popular channels, suggesting that some users interested in this content are drawn to the Roku because they offer it. But another category – Fitness channels – might be more lucrative, both for developers and for Apple.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, fitness apps, the modern day Jane Fonda Workout VHS tapes, have huge potential!

The ultimate endgame is this: Can Apple get Apple TV to be the device on Input 1 instead of 2 or 3? We all have Apple TVs, but for most of us it’s the cable/satellite box that’s on Input 1, not Apple TV. Can Apple TV someday supplant it, giving us universal search across all “channels/networks” and apps – and voice-controlled, no less?

We want to say, “Hey Siri, what’s the weather forecast?” And for our favorite video forecast source(s) – on-demand, ready-togo – to immediately appear along with our favorite weather app(s) for us to choose from. “Hey Siri, who won the game?” And our favorite teams’ scores, highlight videos, condensed games, and apps appear onscreen. “Hey Siri, what’s my day look like?” And boom! Calendar appears. Etc. Mornings would be so much easier!


  1. Just the ability to make an Apple TV PLAYLIST across different channels and devices would be a GIANT GIANT GIANT step forward in Apple TV usability. It is UBER-annoying to have to boot up Apple TV and that it can take 3-4 clicks to “Back out of Netflix” to the main menu, click on Vimeo and click on search and type in the search, scroll, scroll, click into the video, and then click PLAY. Cable TV can get me to a channel in way fewer strokes. I’m over it. CMON APPLE QUIT STALLING on this.

  2. $150 for a media streaming doorstop, where do I sign up?

    Roku had HBOgo YEARS before ATV, and as I write this has thousands more apps, up to and including adult content… for absolutely free no less.

    Their big claim to fame is Airplay, but it can’t make up for the shortcomings of their locked down, completely hobbled media streaming experience!

    Let them price it this way and it will become another Apple Hall of Shame product… right alongside the overpriced uniport Macbook, the hobbled trashcan Mac Pro, the prohibitively expensive yet surprising cheap to make Apple Stupidwatch, and the disgraceful Apple Music!

    Tim Cook is a bad joke!

    1. Trollers gonna troll…this thing’s gonna sell like hotcakes. It’s about the ecosystem. HomeKit is going to take it over the top. If you aren’t interested, thats fine. Go out and get yourself a chrome stick and an android stupid watch..the next big thing is here!

  3. It shouldn’t be compared to Roku, others… What if it also responded to “Hey Siri!” commands like the phone does when plugged in? Like someone said… “Hey Siri!, play me the next episode of House of Cards; Change channel to ESPN”…. For reference, The Amazon Echo is selling for $179 and doesn’t have video. (Although makes me think of an interesting scenario/challenge where someone clever puts Siri commands in a TV commercial to use TV speakers to hijack the Apple TV. )

  4. An On/Off button would be appreciated. I know SJ was absolutely opposed to it but, the underlying assumption was that the Apple TV would never lock up. Well, we all know Apple has had some QA issues with software. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to pull the power cord, wait 30 seconds, then plug it in again and wait for the reboot. Super annoying!

  5. Games on the AppleTV? That has great potential, such as multiplayer games with people using their own iOS devices to participate. License Nintendo content for iOS and a whole new world opens up.

    But Apple has to address the problems with the iOS “freemium” game model. It is difficult to find a freemium game worth playing. It may be OK for a few hours but, then, you run into the never-ending push for real money to buy gems, gold, upgrades, etc. Playability goes to heck with the game architecture focused on creating a revenue stream. If the AppleTV uses the same freemium-polluted App Store, then the attraction of the AppleTV as a game platform is limited.

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