You can write off an Apple Watch as a business expense with these Salesforce-related apps

“Wondering whether or not you can write off an Apple Watch as a business expense?” Heather Clancy reports for Fortune.

“Salesforce has already made the wrist-worn device central to its wearables strategy. It was one of the first companies ready with apps on the launch date,” Clancy reports. “Now, close to 20 companies affiliated with the cloud software giant —including InsideSales, Sage, and ServiceMax — are offering additional justification. The new offerings address a range of processes. One helps sales representatives quickly gauge where they are against quota. Another alerts the wearer to especially important phone calls. Think of it as a smarter form of caller ID.”

“What do these apps have in common?” Clancy reports. “A focus on helping employees steal back five minutes here and there throughout the workday, said Lindsey Irvine, head of the Salesforce Wear initiative.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Write it off and welcome to the future!

As we wrote back in May: The Apple Watch saves us so much time each day, we laugh at our antiquated, time-wasting, bare-wristed selves of 5 weeks ago. Quelle démodé!

Already with Apple Watch, we cannot live without it.

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  1. You keep reading of it’s failure. However so many have written apps for it. They see potential. I think there are a lot of people needing this to fail. Those who said Apple could not survive without Steve Jobs for starters. If this takes off in any kind of business people will have to do a lot of rethinking. I think the Apple Watch has the same problem as the iPad in that writers don’t have much of a business use for it. It also doesn’t have a keyboard so it can’t be for real work. If IBM can get the potential of iPad going then the Apple Watch could be close behind. Even if not you still might have a lot of small businesses owners getting an Apple Watch if they can write it off on taxes.

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