Apple debuts three new TV ads for Apple Watch

Apple has debuted three new :15 TV commercials for Apple Watch focused on Apple Watch apps.

• Music Apps: Apple Watch brings music right to your wrist. Apps at a tap.

• Fitness Apps: Apple Watch gives you quick and easy sports & fitness tools. Apps at a tap.

• Travel Apps: Apple Watch makes travel easier and more fun. Apps at a tap.

MacDailyNews Take: These actually do a bit better job of showing what the Apple Watch can do than the initial batch of four :30 spots that were heavy on people and light on what Apple Watch was doing for them.

Still, we’re not sure the average Joe or Jane will really grasp exactly what the Watches are doing in these ads, but we think they’ll certainly get the idea that they’re doing useful things. It’s tough to view these spots objectively having Apple Watches on our wrists for nearly three months now. We know exactly what these Watches are doing in these ads, but do people who’ve never used one understand what the heck is going on? Hopefully, some of the icons are recognizable to people and they’ll realize, “Hey, that could really be useful on my wrist instead of in my pocket or purse!”

Non-Apple Watch users, how do you perceive these ads?

Apple debuts four new TV commercials for Apple Watch – July 16, 2015


  1. Yes, a bit better. Just trying to be constructively critical, the rap style music to me is a bit dominating and annoying —upbeat, joyful, fun music like on the new ‘amazing apps’ and ‘loved’ TV ads for iPhone would be much better. The new iPhone ads are perfect—fun, entertaining, catchy, joyful, upbeat, bright, happy cool looking, interesting, diverse, likeable people (look at the brilliant casting shown in the ad still frame), clever, wow-effects. I would put the person who is the creative driving force in the new iPhone ads in charge of all Apple product ads. No more amateurish,sleepy, dim-lit, anxious or expressionless faces, yawns, crying babies, miserable situations, architectural heavy TV ads with boring soundtracks. Apple can afford the best creative talent for its product marketing, so why not?

  2. The music (for 15 seconds) was OK, but I assume someone is going to start “singing” at some point. I have no idea what the ads were trying to get across. Over at The Loop they pointed out that the app is featured in the “fitness” one. Huh?

  3. Very obscure to me 8-/

    Personal taste of course, but the iPhone 6 Plus made me a friend of iPhone again: finally some room to work with. So there is no way I’m scaling down to watch size.

    For anything, not even to save the 2.36 seconds it takes me to pick up my phone.

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