‘Steve Jobs’ to be centerpiece at high-profile New York Film Festival

Steve Jobs, the biopic starring Michael Fassbender as the Apple co-founder, has already generated a lot of anticipation, and now it has a high-profile festival berth to boot: on Monday, the Film Society of Lincoln Center announced that the movie, directed by Danny Boyle from a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, would be the centerpiece of the New York Film Festival,” Stephanie Goodman reports for The New York Times.

“In a statement, the event’s director, Kent Jones, described the film as ‘extremely sharp,’ adding, ‘It’s wildly entertaining, and the actors just soar — you can feel their joy as they bite into their material,’ Goodman reports.

Goodman reports, “Mr. Boyle said the selection left him simultaneously thrilled and terrified, ‘unlike the subject of our film, who would have taken the whole thing very much in his stride.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fingers crossed!

(Please be good, please be good, please be good…)

‘Steve Jobs’ movie trailer fuels debate over Michael Fassbender – July 6, 2015


  1. Apple and Jobs fans will likely be sorely disappointed. I haven’t seen the film, but knowing Sorkin and Boyle, I’m sure they have both taken plenty of artistic liberties in order to make the film more engaging.

    Be prepared.

    1. Even if the film is a critical and commercial success, those who followed or knew SJ will be cross because Fassbinder does not resemble Jobs, or because the history of Silicon Valley innovation is not recapitulated, or because Jobs’s corners were made sharper than the soft glow of memory can tolerate.

  2. Anticipation? No. I saw the trailer. What a disappointing horror it forebodes. 😩

    Having watched S.J. for almost his entire career, I think the true story is far more amazing and intense than Sorkin’s brand of RDF he uses for the purpose of spinning up false drama for the unwashed. The studios… What a bunch of pander-monkeys!

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