Apple’s Mac demand might be even better than soaring sales numbers suggest

“Apple recently reported that both unit shipments and revenues of its Mac personal computers rose by 9% year over year in the company’s most recent quarter,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “These results, as CEO Tim Cook noted on the company’s earnings call, are extremely impressive given that the overall PC market is said to have declined by 12% in the quarter.”

“But what is even more impressive is that, on the call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said the company ended the quarter with Mac channel inventory ‘slightly below”‘ the company’s targeted four-week range,” Eassa writes. “Given that Apple reported being within its four-to-five week target channel inventory range last quarter, this reduction in channel inventory suggests that Mac sell-through to end customers may have been even better than what the reported numbers indicate.”

Eassa writes, “Apple appears to be seeing rapid Mac growth and is seeing strong sell-through of its existing notebooks, while its competition — in aggregate — seems to be struggling mightily to sell existing product to make room for new systems.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally, steadily and inexorably, the world awakens!

As always: Die, Windows, die!

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    1. Just picked up a 12″ Macbook in space grey from Fry’s on Saturday. They had them in stock. Not sure why the Apple Store does not, unless the supply is that low.

      Love it so far.

  1. Love my Macs. Love OS X. Can’t wait for the next version.

    But… Windows 10 is terrific. My virtual machine is loving it.

    This is a cross platform world. Never have tools talked so well amongst each other. Hooray!

    1. What makes it “terrific?” This is heresy but I am contemplating getting an HP Workstation for VFX work (simply because regular Mac Pro updates do not seem to be forthcoming in this fast changing space and when your pro-model is mostly “locked” you then need to update more often ) so I’m curious.

      Franky the UI and OS in this case are only important for it’s rock solid stability underpinnings, not something Windows is particularly known for. I hate Windows but I need more options and versatility with the “box.” Thunderbolt is not fast enough yet, like PCIe3 16X. Still wish Apple offered the old school large Mac Pro box along with it’s current redesigned smaller model.

      1. I think it’s time for Apple to rethink pro level computer strategy. They should go back to their root. All the way back to Apple I. They should sell ATX Mac boards for $2k+. Let customers and third party package them into whatever size ATX compatible boxes.

  2. A lot of Wall Streets analysts made the mistake of basing Apple’s growth targets based on old products (iPhone 6) rather than new products (iPhone 6s). The new products like the iPhone 6s will have attractive features (force touch), plus there are a group of Apple 5s owners (from 2013) who are waiting for their 2 year contracts to expire to buy the new 6s (remember that 2013 had a massive surge of new iPhone owners–and those people will want the new model) . . . similarly for the Mac: a lot of educated Mac lovers are waiting for the new Macbook Pros based on the Skylake processor, with its new features . . . and if you look at the specs closely from Intel, it has something called “Inductive Charging” . . . so my guess is that Apple has been working on a new design . . . so to all those Wall Street analysts out there, whose job should be to look at the future (not the past), there is some great stuff coming–and Apple will produce numbers not seen before.

  3. If we could get Apple to release a user upgradeable Mac Tower- it dies not have to be an Xeon CPU- I think Apple might be surprised at the uptake.

    There is a gap not served by Apple’s current desktop offerings.

    1. Yes, I and many have been harping on mid-Tower Mac for years. The gap between the $500 mac mini and the $3000 Mac Pro is too large especially with the stripped down mini now.

      The iMacs are pretty good but many people don’t want fixed monitors. PC users always say they don’t want to switch and lose their monitors i.e such a model will boost sales a lot. MacBooks are good for their use but the fixed small graphics cards are an issue.

      Biggest sellers for PC desktops are mid towers not all in ones. I think Apple will be surprised a the demand for an Apple version just like big iPhones.

      2) Apple should ADVERTISE their Macs. Sales would be even better if they advertised. No serious Mac ad campaign since Mac/PC guy (66 different ads) half a decade ago.

      3) increased Mac sales will help the STOCK, as Apple will be seen less as a ‘one product’ iPhone company which investors don’t like.

  4. Like and iceberg slowly turning over, we are witnessing a slow, but inexorable shift away from Windows to the Apple eco-system.

    Technology has become too important to people’s daily lives to try “experiments” or risk using using sub-standard hardware and software. that’s why the shift to Apple is happening.

    People have decided, it is just the shift that takes time.

    This will drive Apple revenue for the next 5 years or sol.

  5. I’m personally betting that a lot of the continuing surge in Mac sales is thanks to Microsoft offering the Windows 10 Technical Preview. A lot of people have been given the chance to see Windows 10 (alpha, as I call it) in action and said ‘Hell no! I’m going Mac!!!’ when it comes time for buying new hardware.

    I expect a further surge in Mac sales once Microsoft states defecating Window 10 to the general public this Wednesday. It’s going to be that bad.

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