A quick tour of iOS 8.4’s new Music app and the Apple Music setup process

“iOS 8.4 is here, and aside from fixing a few nasty bugs, its biggest new feature is a redesigned Music app,” Andrew Cunningham writes for Ars Technica. “Music hasn’t gotten any major tweaks since being redesigned for iOS 7, and the gallery [see full article] will walk you through the changes. In general, it’s a visual and functional improvement, especially on the iPad, where it makes better use of the screen space.”

“Also included are a few first-time setup impressions for the Apple Music service, which is included with iOS 8.4 and is free for the first three months to anyone who wants it,” Cunningham writes. “We haven’t been using the service for long enough to say much about its quality—that will come later—but Apple makes it pretty easy to start getting relevant music recommendations.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The sheer breadth of Apple Music is overwhelming – in a good way!

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  1. The Beatles aren’t available here in the U.S. on Apple Music either. At least I can’t find them. I was playing with a playlist and forwarding to the second and then third song and the screen went into an endless blipping loop. I had to force restart my iPad 3 to get the system back. So there are bugs apparently. As always with something new. I expect updates will be forthcoming relatively soon.

  2. Danger:
    Before beginning, the most important thing is to turn on iCloud Music Library via the Music section of the iOS Settings app. This is required to add online songs and playlists to the My Music section of the iOS 8.4 Music app.

    Be warned, though, that trying to turn on iCloud Music Library can potentially delete locally-created playlists and their associated files — from both iOS devices and a desktop iTunes library. Proceed with extreme caution and make sure a backup is in place.

    I turned that switch on and it caused all my thousands of playlists on my Mac Pro to disappear.

    1. All my playlists were trashed, the same songs were on about 3/4 of the playlists. All 2784 songs stored locally could’ be accessed. I restored from my Mac and was able to put the almost 6000 songs from my Mac on my iPhone, but 50% of those playlists needed to be deleted due to the above problem. Now I have a problem with the App Store. I have 12 apps to update, it’s not downloading anything.
      It also wiped the apps and data from my Apple Watch. This is the worst day
      experience I’ve had with an update. I

  3. Initial reaction: Every iTunes and Music release of the last few years only seems to make music on the Mac and iPhone more tedious to use. Maybe it will grow on me, but I seem to be losing the desire to explore new music on the Mac. I guess that leaves me with terrestrial radio and Shazam (which I only use in the car anyway).

  4. There is definately a need for a tour for the new iOS music app.. WTF.. they have made things complicated than it should be. They could have launched a serparate Apple music streaming app instead of shoving it up the rear side of the Music app. Apple is trying to turn iOS into Android..

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