“Apple Music is here! Well, technically it doesn’t arrive for a few more hours, but in the meantime, SPIN had the chance to explore the service,” Harley Brown writes for SPIN.

“The first thing that happens when Apple Music launches actually looks pretty familiar to anyone who used Beats Music: circles representing different genres (Indie, Electronic, Oldies, Alternative, etc.) float into view on the screen, and users tap or double-tap the ones they like and love, respectively. Once those categories have been nailed down, the artists in them — Tame Impala for Indie, Porter Robinson for Electronic, and B.B. King for Blues, to pick a smattering of options presented to me —and then, ideally, you’re done,” Brown writes. “For Apple Music’s intents and purposes, your musical identity has been established, at least until if/when you decide to change it later.”

“While some icons are intuitive — a heart represents the ‘You’ section, or for favoriting an item, a vibrating dot symbolizes ‘Radio,’ and users’ musical libraries can be found under iTunes’ signature musical note — the star icon for ‘New’ might take some getting used to, since it has usually been used as a ratings metric for songs (and for flagging important emails, but we won’t bring Google into this). Usability in general, while remarkably streamlined for such a complex product, might still prove to be a challenge: SPIN was walked through in an hour and 15 minutes and there were still some matters that needed clarification, while users have online guides as a resource — and, of course, the ever-helpful Geniuses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s claim to fame, after all, is making the complex easy to use. Let’s hope that with Apple Music they nailed it in more places than not. With the amount of money and effort expended on this project, we expect they did.

MacDailyNews Note: We expect Apple Music to arrive around 8am PDT / 11am EDT with the release of iOS 8.4 and the Beats 1 to go “on the air” an hour later at 9am PDT / 12 noon EDT.

Apple Music arrives on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (via iOS 8.4 update), Mac or Windows PC (via iTunes update). Apple Music is coming to Apple TV and Android this fall.

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