iTunes 12.2 missing in action as Apple Music, Beats 1 launch

Mac users and, we assume, Windows sufferers, who had hoped to catch the launch of Apple Music and Beats 1 are SOL until Apple deigns to make iTunes 12.2 available.

Users are currently caught in an endless loop: Apple’s website exhorts users to try Apple Music now. Clicking that button launches iTunes which proclaims, “Apple Music requires iTunes 12.2 or later.” Clicking “Upgrade” bring users back to Apple’s website to download Tunes 12.1.2, not the Apple Music-required iTunes 12.2.

One would think that Apple would want to provide people with the proper tools so that they could catch the launch of Beats 1 live. But, Apple operates in mysterious, sometimes inexplicable ways.

Oh, Apple, you unprepared tease.

We’ve been assured by “people in a position to know” that the release of iTunes 12.2 is imminent.

Patience, padawans.

In the meantime, Mac users with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can access Apple Music with iOS 8.4. We caught the launch of Beats 1 (report here) on an iPad Air that was upgraded to iOS 8.4 in time for Beats 1’s 9am PDT / 12pm EDT launch.


    1. Definitely a pattern. By the time the new Mac Pro was actually available. I had bought more RAM and an SSD for my 2009 Mac Pro. I’m still using it as my main desktop.Sam with the iPhone, I wait months for the new phones to finally be available, and decide at this point I might as well wait for the next version. Still on a 4S that will probably be updated next year, maybe.

      1. Absolutely! My expectations were too high. Too much product on hand and on deadline would be disastrous because Apple is selling the “latest thing” and “in short demand” item that keeps folks ignited. I simply use their products to make a living, not to show off.

      2. That is absolutely a smart remark! Yet, most people here really want Apple to do well so we see the things that go right too.
        Those who voted you down are a bit silly, for you have only stated a very tue and obvious thing.

    2. On the iTunes download page on Apple’s website, the only version mentioned this morning was 12.1.2.

      Then briefly this afternoon, there was one line added just above the download link for 12.1.2.
      It said “iTunes 12.2 coming soon.”

      Now the reference to 12.2 coming soon is gone.

      Not so smooth. Disappointing.

  1. Indeed 🙁

    Would never have happened in Steve’s day.

    How can they not release Apple Music for Mac at the same time as for iOS?

    Not unless of course they don’t want you to use it on your Mac- which seems crazy as its a major part of the Apple ecosystem.

    Apple Music should have been part of the update to OS X – just like iOS.

    My betting is someone forgot to upload a file somewhere…

    1. MobileMe happened under Steve’s watch, he did make light of it in Keynotes. (I miss Steve).

      I got my Watch on launch day and it’s great. I love my MacBook Air, so won’t be getting a MacBook, but it is odd that iTunes 12.2 wasn’t part of the OS X 10.10.4 update

    2. Not true. Steve would have heads, but crap happened anyway. There are so many moving parts to Beats 1, that someone slipped on the iTunes App for Mac OS X. Whomever that was, should freshen up his/her CV.

    3. Don’t forget, not all was perfect under Steve:
      Jobs reportedly asked the MobileMe team what the new product was supposed to do. When an employee told Jobs what the purpose of MobileMe was, the CEO reportedly responded: “So why the f— doesn’t it do that?”
      Also, there is this perspective:

      But I love his , “So why the f– doesn’t it do that??” response

  2. It’s not just that iTunes 12.2 is missing in action. Apple gave 100 countries only 1 hour to install the software needed to listen to the launch of Beats one. Even if the actual show went smoothly during the launch, almost no one could listen to it. That classes Beats1 as a botched launch, in addition to the software that is missing, broken, or corrupted.

  3. After escaping a Google prison camp, and being officially listed as Missing In Action, iTunes 12.2 continues to conduct its underground war against the entertainment industry. It survives as a soldier of fortune on the Internet. If no one else can find your song, and if you can find it… maybe you can install iTunes 12.2.

    1. I’ll tell you what the big rush is. Apple don’t seem to understand impulse buying. They have had occasions when they launched new software or a product, and the magical words were heard from the platform, “And it’s available TODAY.” I would have bought the new iPad Air, the new MacBook, for trips–except I couldn’t get either at the time of my trips. So I continue with my older one. How many people, dubious about the new music, would have tried it this morning, loved it, and bought in–and how many saw it wasn’t on the Mac, aren’t fanatics for Apple like us, and went “ho hum”? Sale lost. Stores know about impulse buying. Why doesn’t Apple? Don’t announce something till you have it.

      1. The day that the original iPod came out I was in the Apple store looking at cameras. There in the middle of the store was a stack of iPod boxes 6 feet high, built to look like a Christmas tree. I had no intention of buying one for my 4 album music collection. The thought of portable music missed me. But after using one in the store and seeing that I could use it as a hard drive, impulse took over and I bought one. When the iTunes store came out, I said Phftt, not a necessity. But it was “available today”, so I gave it a try on an album I hadn’t been able to find. They had it, I bought it. I now have 12.5 days of music, mostly purchased from Apple on impulse. No regrets, but if I had time to think about it, I probably would have talked myself out of it.

  4. Seems like the endless iTunes upgrade loop has happened before. Not bothering me, Apple Music and Beats1 streaming fine on my iPhone and iPad. I can wait for iTunes, happy camper here.

  5. I walked into the Basingstoke, UK store this lunchtime and asked one guy how I could get my MBA ready for Apple Music – he told me that IOS 8.4 would be ready to download at 4pm GMT.
    I repeated my question and he went off to ask another colleague.
    Neither could give me an answer.
    I understand from forums that it may be available at 22.00 GMT tonight.
    This is not the shoddy type of organisation I would expect from people like Eddie Cue who was paid $50M in 2012 etc.
    We pay top dollar for Apple but right now this is not a good example of world class or top dollar.

  6. If I have to wait more than four more hours for Apple to update iTunes, I may hold my breath till I turn blue. Then I’ll set fire to all my Apple equipment and run out to buy a Dell desktop. Finally, I will post evil things about Tim Cook, because it was totally his responsibility to make everything work, like Uncle Steve did.

    First world problems…

  7. Worst part is Apples own developers have no access to Apple Music. iOS 9 beta 1 or two does not support Apple Music just Beats one. Also we were told a seed would be out so developers could use Apple Music but no date so a lot of people assumed it would be today.

    Then iTunes is not out at launch.

  8. Well let’s see.. No iTunes must mean that Apple is FINALLY actually doing REAL QA ON THEIR PRODUCTS and found a critical BUG IN ITUNES – That requires them to fix it before releasing the product. I’m willing to wait a day or two if it means iTunes doesn’t mess up my computer or my precious music library already invested in.

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