Mac users and, we assume, Windows sufferers, who had hoped to catch the launch of Apple Music and Beats 1 are SOL until Apple deigns to make iTunes 12.2 available.

Users are currently caught in an endless loop: Apple’s website exhorts users to try Apple Music now. Clicking that button launches iTunes which proclaims, “Apple Music requires iTunes 12.2 or later.” Clicking “Upgrade” bring users back to Apple’s website to download Tunes 12.1.2, not the Apple Music-required iTunes 12.2.

One would think that Apple would want to provide people with the proper tools so that they could catch the launch of Beats 1 live. But, Apple operates in mysterious, sometimes inexplicable ways.

Oh, Apple, you unprepared tease.

We’ve been assured by “people in a position to know” that the release of iTunes 12.2 is imminent.

Patience, padawans.

In the meantime, Mac users with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can access Apple Music with iOS 8.4. We caught the launch of Beats 1 (report here) on an iPad Air that was upgraded to iOS 8.4 in time for Beats 1’s 9am PDT / 12pm EDT launch.