“Apple is hiring a team of editors to work on the Apple News app unveiled during the company’s recent WWDC event,” Stuart Dredge writes for The Guardian. “By hiring editors, Apple appears to be taking a different path to direct competitors like Flipboard, as well as Facebook – which recently announced plans to start hosting news articles by publisher partners – which focus more on algorithms to decide what stories people see in their feeds.”

“However, Apple’s emphasis on human curation is likely to spark questions about what will happen when the company – or competing platforms like Android – become the news,” Dredge writes. “Tax affairs, human rights issues in Chinese factories, iPhone antenna issues, misfiring mapping software, leaked device prototypes, free U2 albums, games censorship controversies, child labour, surveillance issues are all examples of Apple making the headlines in recent years in ways the company would not have enjoyed.”

“How will editors employed by Apple treat these kinds of stories?” Dredge asks. “And, indeed, how will they treat positive stories about the company’s rivals?”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a catch-22, but should it become a highly-used app, the more eyes – inside and outside – watching what Apple’s News app deems to be news, the better.


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