Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard, responds to Apple’s announcement of their News app:

We’re clearly onto something at Flipboard. What Apple was showing is something that we actually shipped five years ago. In the world that we live into today, you have to be able to both work with, um, companies, and even when they’re competing with you on certain fronts that doesn’t mean you don’t work with them. There’s still opportunities to work with them. And in doing that, what you can typically find are ways in which you can continue to grow. This is not a winner take all situation. — Mike McCue, Flipboard CEO

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s News is powered by the new custom-designed Apple News Format which allows publishers to create stories that take advantage of the full power of iOS, including photos, galleries, audio, video, maps and rich interactions such as parallax and animation. When publishers create their stories for News, they can use custom fonts and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures. Apple News Format automatically customizes the layout for each screen size, so News content is perfectly formatted for both iPhone and iPad.

So, obviously, there are significant features that Flipboard not only didn’t ship five years ago, they don’t ship them today.

What else could poor Sherlocked Mike have said instead? His entire statement minus his second sentence would have been pretty much perfect.

Apple’s News app will be available with iOS 9 this fall for iPhone and iPad.


Apple dumps Newsstand, takes on Facebook with Flipboard-like ‘News’ app – June 9, 2015