Why Apple is the most important health company in the world

“Enter Apple. The most important health company in the world,” Unity Stoakes writes for Forbes. “And it’s not because of their hyped products such as the Apple Watch, or HealthKit ResearchKit platforms; rather, it’s the unique combination of assets, starting with Apple’s powerful relationship with the consumer, that will pave a path for their huge impact on health:”

1. Purpose and imagination
2. Consumer trust and engagement
3. Technology, data and design
4. Innovation networks
5. Global reach and local delivery channels
6. Power, influence and capital

“Imagine what happens when tens of millions of people (or billions) are wearing Apple’s connected health devices and a community of healthcare transformers are able to leverage the data of the crowd to advance our health and wellness? What happens when these tools start delivering actionable advice, incrementally, over the course of our lives? That’s where this all builds to — every Apple device collecting, connecting and contributing to a personalized dashboard representing our own health and wellness portfolios,” Stoakes writes. “The dashboard is a big step forward around personalized care and in the form of a connected platform for researchers and innovators, a sea of opportunity to solve for health issues that plague large subsets of our population.”

Read more, including discussion of each of the 6 listed points above, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Are you using Apple’s Health app? If not, why not?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. Potential is not fact. So I have a problem with the title of this post. Apple has a great start on promise, and I hope to both participate and benefit from the health advantages of crowd sourcing data.

    Am I using Apple’s Health App? No, why? because I have nothing that works with it in a beneficial way. Nothing about it is simple and easy. It’s shit with the word HEALTH written on it, as far as I am concerned. It doesn’t come close to integrating with my life and how I live. so. poo.

    Nothing else is satisfactory either.

    To date, no solution by any provider.

  2. I don’t ever read/click on a Forbes item. In this case just reading MDNs short clip of it was enough to reinforce why I do this. They are just a Troll. As in the first paragraph they troll on the Watch and HealthKit Researchkit etc.

  3. Yes I use the health app on my phone and my wife bought me an Apple Watch for our anniversary. The 2 work great together and the heath app are good. The main reason I am using the health apps with the phone and the watch is that 4 year ago, I had a Heart Transplant. these apps keeps me in touch with my health and keeps me up to date incase I go into a rejection cycle. Now, mind you these current apps are not perfect, but they help me. For example, I need to be in touch with my blood pressure, the current apps only support a separate blood pressure machine that has a iOS app. The watch is unable to take your blood pressure all by itself and and record it to the dash board. But hopefully with watch OS 2 and support for developers, there will be new apps out there that can do the things you needed to do.

  4. I use Apple’s Health app. It’s connected to my RunKeeper. I use RunKeeper because it has features that the Health app does not. When not using RunKeeper, Health app is on 24/7 and my phone is with me/on me about 18 hours of the day.

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