Apple Music signup screens appear in iOS 8.4 beta ahead of June 30 launch

“Users of the latest iOS 8.4 public beta are encountering a signup prompt for Apple Music a full two weeks before the service is scheduled to go live,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“The signup process — triggered automatically by opening the Music app — appears unfinished, with boilerplate text on the initial splash screen,” Fingas reports. “There, users have the option of beginning a three-month free trial or skipping to the app’s regular interface.”

Fingas reports, “Selecting the trial option advances to a screen where users can pick an Individual or Family membership plan, but attempting to advance any further reportedly fails.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to start using Apple Music and check out Beats 1, Connect, and Apple Music Radio. How ’bout you?


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  1. I expected to be a slow adopter here. I still like my physical CDs.

    Then I read about the Family Plan.

    Suffice it to say, we’ll all be signed up on day 2. (I won’t do the update on day 1!)

  2. I’m hoping the Apple Music Family Plan can exist separately outside of iCloud Family Sharing. If the Music Family Plan will be available to Googlers this fall, won’t it have to be a separate plan? There’s certainly no iCloud Family Sharing for Googlers. I can’t find many details about it, though. Anyone?

    1. I think you would still need an account (Apple ID) as a Googler… I wonder if you can set up the iCloud Family online (as opposed to on an iOS device) and just have your family create their own Apple IDs to be added to the family?

      1. We’re all Mac & iOS. I just have older kids that buy lots of apps and music. They pay for it themselves, and I want to keep it that way. I don’t want to play the reimbursement game that iCloud Family Sharing would require. But I’d love to buy the Music Family Plan and only share that with them, my treat. Hope that will be possible.

        1. They work summers and some after school, and have their own low-limit credit cards. Trying to teach them how to use them responsibly.

          Putting everyone in iCloud Family Sharing makes all purchases go through my card, which I don’t want.

          All I want is the Music Family Plan to share, nothing else.

  3. I’m doing the 90 day trial of Spotify Premium and the sound quality of streaming files is significantly better than iTunes Plus/ iTunes Match files.

    Higher bit rate, better stereo sound field, better treble and midrange combined with less muddy bass. That is compare on desktop and iOS using the same transducers and amps.

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