Finally! Apple Watch begins arriving in Apple Retail Stores

“We have been told by trusted sources that Apple Stores around the country have begun to receive shipments of the Apple Watch for sale through in-store reservations for personal pickup when purchased online,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR.

“We’re not sure if this means you can buy the watch today or if the stock will be used for overnight purchases and available for pick up tomorrow,” Geller reports. “There’s no word on the product mix at this point, but we’re still investigating.”

Apple Watch Sport running Apple's Activity and Workout appsGeller reports, “Apple announced in early June that the Apple Watch would finally be made available for sale in stores, though the company didn’t announce a firm date.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Holy crap, this is taking a looong time. We feel like we’ve had our Apple Watches on our wrists for years (really, it’s only been since April 24th) and they’re not even in Apple Retail Stores, yet!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. This can’t be good right, having to wait so long to put them into the stores due to raging and unending online demand??? Surely a sign of “failure”? (The kind of “failure” all Apple’s competitors would all give their eyeteeth for, I say, that is.)

    Another successful Apple product launch. My investor side smiles large.

    1. It’s really hard to say what’s going on because there is no hard sales data. We don’t know if this stock shortage is due to amazing sales or production issues.

  2. Can’t wait for the stock to tank because:

    a) Apple can’t make them fast enough (demand outstrips supply, so Apple is “leaving money on the table”)
    b) Apple already catching up to demand (so demand must be weak).

    God how I hate the irrationality of the stock market…

  3. Conclusion: Some really steep manufacturing learning curve is evident with the Watch. This is The Bleeding Edge. And despite all the whining, this is exactly where Apple belongs. No other company could have pulled this off this well, despite the delays.

    I dare say that what might have helped this situation immensely might have been if Apple had stuck to the Steve Jobs protocols and NOT pre-announced the Watch and NOT pre-released the Watch until it was 100% market-ready. WHY Apple did all of this much-too-early most certainly has to do with the coke addicts of both WallNut Street and modern fake ‘technology journalism’ where the QUICK FIX is everything. Apple is NOT about enabling stupidity, which poured out of both entities mentioned above.

    Apple is about the quality future of humane technology. If the assorted lost and clueless out in the wastelands of the wasted don’t get that fact, then let them whine and pine for their next thrill fix all on their own, with Apple showing nothing but a DEAF EAR.

    Apple lives on its own time. Keep it that way.

  4. My guess is that in the end this will be seen by Apple as a critical failure in the launch of the watch.

    I believe Apple lost millions of retail store watch sales by launching without stock to support in-store purchases. The hype drove people to the stores and many I believe were ready to buy but didn’t when they couldn’t walk out with the product.

    Though not likely Cook and Co. miscalculated demand to such a large extent, I find it hard to believe online sales only was their “strategy.”

    Probably a manufacturing issue kept production low. Underestimating demand for a product launch like this for Apple would be a big error. Better to overestimate.

    I think it’s going to be hard to get those folks excited enough to try a new product.

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