Apple, Google, and the road to the know-it-all personal assistant

“Watching the keynote from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference this week, and from Google’s I/O conference two weeks ago, what stood out the most to me was the effort that both companies — as well as Microsoft — are putting in to create intelligent systems that know as much as possible about you,” Michael J. Miller writes for PC Magazine.

“One thing Apple stressed was privacy, with [Apple VP Craig Federighi] saying ‘We were able to bring intelligence throughout the experience in iOS 9, but we do it in a way that does not compromise your privacy,'” Miller reports. “In what certainly sounded like a dig at Google’s advertising-based model, he said Apple doesn’t mine your photos, email, photos, or cloud information. He said all of the information is done on the device and stays on the device under your control, and when the system has to send information to the cloud to do searches or look for traffic, it does so anonymously without information shared with third parties. ‘You are in control,’ he said.”

Miller reports, “I wonder if one of the reasons Google hasn’t called its service a ‘personal assistant’ is because it sounds a bit off-putting from a company whose primary business model is oriented around collecting data about people and using it to better target advertisements.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Google Now is to Siri as Big Brother is to Edward Snowden.


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  1. Was at a wedding a few weeks back and the guys were sitting around sucking chardonnay. The subject of Android vs Apple naturally reared its head, and I observed one thing: The Android guys are backed into a corner about privacy; the uniform response being, “(Privacy) is gone. Everything is already known.”

    I prefer a world view of diminishing intrusion.

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