A possible ‘Steve Jobs moment’ for Twitter’s Jack Dorsey?

“Jack Dorsey is following in the footsteps of his Silicon Valley idol — Steve Jobs,” Tim Higgins and Sarah Frier report for Bloomberg. “Named Twitter Inc.’s interim chief executive officer on Thursday, Dorsey returns to a job he had until being pushed out in 2008 from the firm he helped create. Similarly, Jobs returned to Apple as interim CEO in 1997 after being forced out in 1985, and guided the company to create the iMac, iPhone and iPad.”

“Dorsey, 38, demurred when asked during an interview whether he’s interested in becoming Twitter’s permanent CEO. ‘It’s really up to the search committee and they’re going to look at internal and external candidates,’ he said,” Higgins and Frier report. “Dorsey tends to lead in terms of big ideas and grand visions. In operational meetings, he leans toward discussing philosophical positions on a product’s purpose, as opposed to going through a checklist of action items.”

“Dorsey’s emulation of Jobs was highlighted in the book “Hatching Twitter” by Nick Bilton about the company’s beginnings,” Higgins and Frier report. “‘Dorsey began casting himself in the image of Steve Jobs, calling himself an ‘editor,’ as Jobs referred to himself, and adopting a singular uniform: a white buttoned-up Dior shirt, blue jeans and a black blazer,’ Bilton wrote, according to a 2013 excerpt in the New York Times.”

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MacDailyNews Take: One difference, among many: When Jobs was out of Apple, he was out of Apple. Dorsey has remained Twitter’s chairman.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is out, Jack Dorsey named interim CEO – June 11, 2015


  1. Well, I wish him well. He has a chance now to show what he can do to innovate Twitter into a position that draws all users, ad agencies and advertisers.

    My personal feeling is that ads I see on MDN with 10 words below a photo need to be shorter and less obtrusive. I know if I want to click on say “512mb SSD” and maybe a brand “OWC” or “Crucial.”

    I don’t use Twitter, but the issue is how to do ads without mucking up a small area of a small screen. Innovate.

  2. Another big difference with Jobs, is that when Jobs was out of apple, he build the best operative system in the world, he developed WebObjets, program that gave birth to the graphical internet. Also, he founded Pixar, the best animation company in the world,, and so many other things…
    When dorsey was “out” of the CEO seat.. he just sat in another seat.

  3. Nice try… Likely better to reserve the “Steve Jobs moment” reference to describe a founder returning to save a company that is worth saving. Twitter does not do anything; few people blog, fewer people even have the urge to micro blog. The platform is an answer to a question no one ever asked. They don’t make money, they won’t make money; it is a bad idea in search of fools investing other people’s money to stay around. Steve Jobs moment? Hardly. This is a founder who already got rich from the ipo squeezing the last bit of juice out of the orange before it hits the trash bin.

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