Paypal partner Home Depot drops support for Apple Pay

“Home Depot appears to have quietly stopped accepting Apple Pay,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “Although never officially named as a partner, the company has supported contactless payment and Apple Pay used to work in at least some of its stores. An Apple support document updated last week lists Home Depot as one of the stores that ‘might not currently be set up’ to accept Apple Pay.”

“The change appears to be related to Home Depot’s deal to accept PayPal as a payment method both in store and online,” Lovejoy reports. “Home Depot customers might have more desire than most for the security of Apple Pay: the company last year suffered one of the biggest ever data breaches of any retail chain, with 53 million customer email addresses and 56 million credit cards compromised.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Boycott Home Depot and any other company that willfully turns off NFC in an effort to block the vastly more secure, much more private, and far easier-to-use Apple Pay service.

UPDATE: 5:28pm EDT: False alarm! Home Depot to become largest retailer to accept Apple Pay.

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    1. I just quit shopping altogether, and I don’t even have Apple Pay yet.

      I’m saving piles of money, and my data is secure (I think) but my quality of life has declined precipitously. ;-(

      (I’m hungry too.)

    2. The thing is, why in the world would I want to use PayPal in any store? It’s much easier to swipe a credit or debit card (yes, it’s insecure, especially with Home Depot’s prior data breach, but does anyone really believe typing your PayPal account ID & password into Home Depot’s computer system is any more secure?).

  1. Apple pay appears to have been turned off at my local Home Depot on Tuesday April 28. I was there to purchase some items, asked if they take Apple Pay. They said yes. Tried my watch, nothing. Clerk said use your phone, nothing. Then tried chip on my Amex card, nothing. Regular swipe worked. Clerk said earlier in the day they were working on their computers and could not accept any credit cards. Looks like Lowes will become my favorite store.

    1. Lowes doesn’t accept ApplePay either. They are part of the CurrentC consortium. I started going to Home Depot around Dec. 2014 when I found out they allowed ApplePay & bought a $120 drill combo set. It worked great! The cashier didn’t know what happened & I explained to her about ApplePay. I then stopped going to Lowes because they refuse ApplePay
      With this development, I guess I will go back to Lowes & use Amex to make Lowes pay a higher Swipe Fee. And Home Depot had the NERVE to send me an application for Home Depot Credit Card! ARE THE CRAZY!
      They and Target can forget about sending me applications for credit.

      1. I’m up the creek, now. Lowes tried to screw me out of a $120 rebate that took months of jumping through hoops and finally getting a store manager involved to resolve. Looking at forums and how it happened to hundreds of others, it was clearly intentional. I swore after that not to support a company that engages in fraudulent business practices. Now, Home Depot is saying they don’t want my business either.

        Why in the hell would you make a deal that intentionally dissuades some of your customers from shopping at your store? Bunch of damn morons running these companies!

    1. Also possible: Home Depot may be in slow motion desperation response after their massive POS POS security breach.

      (POS refers to the wholly insecure ‘Point of Sale’ magnetic stripe card scanning devices running Windows XP Embedded, THE reason so many retail locations have been PWNed by hackers, resulting in MILLIONS of stolen credit accounts which have subsequently been sold online. POS also refers to ‘Piece Of S***’).

        1. Off the top of my head, I can think of two responses:

          A) Home Depot paid no attention to the massive robbery of cc accounts at Target, among dozens of other companies. They got thoroughly PWNed by the hackers. Because their IT department is crap, their desperate attempts to clean up the mess and at long last move along to actually secure card reading technology is taking a long time. Because Apple Pay requires something resembling comprehension of modern technology, they got flummoxed and, at least temporarily, put off enacting its functionality.

          B) Their IT department is so contemptibly crap that they dumped Apple Pay out of stupidity. They will of course regret this blunder, berate a few people, then eventually catch up with the modern world.

          IOW: I don’t know! I’m just brainstorming.

        2. Well well! I just caught up with MDN and read the article ‘Home Depot to become the largest retailer to accept Apple Pay.’ That was in a hurry! Now WHY did that story turn 180º in one day? Bad original information? (Nothing new there). A PR mandate after all the flack in the news about dumping Apple Pay? Or was it, as I was surmising, just a bunch of further bumbling at the company? Anyway…

    1. Isn’t LOWES a member of the CurrentC consortium?

      I know my local Lowes does not accept Apple Pay or any other form of contactless payment … even though their terminals have the capability – the NFC in the terminal will activate Apple Pay on my iPhone, it just won’t process it. When I saw that, I then tried using my VisaPass enabled debit card, and it wouldn’t take that either.

    1. Been remodeling my home, will only buy stuff at Home Depot.
      Lowes, more expensive (in store) than HD for same product.
      Picked up a box of screws at Lowes, quicker. broke 3 in 20 minutes… Loves has the cheap crap in similar looking boxes to the Grip Rite stuff HD sells. (which we have never had any break)

      I’ll buy the quality stuff, sorry but  Pay does not influence where I buy.. It’s great if it is accepted, but not going to go out of my way to buy inferior stuff *just* because of it.

      Lowes doesn’t support  Pay either, when  Pay was announced and HD started using it.. everyone here was bashing Lowes claiming they’d never shop there, meanwhile praising HD. Now HD joins Lowes (for all we know it could be temporary) and the flip floppers are coming out of the woodwork…

  2. “Home Depot customers might have more desire than most for the security of Apple Pay: the company last year suffered one of the biggest ever data breaches of any retail chain, with 53 million customer email addresses and 56 million credit cards compromised.”

    Home Depot the company should have a desire to protect their own financial well being as well! I just got a letter that the Target class action suit has been settled, and the payouts for damages will start after claims are received and verified.

    1. As I sort of pointed out above, it’s possible HD is attempting to change to something other than their POS POS devices and the result is blundering such as this. They may well go back to Apple Pay once they sort out their transition to, ahem, secure point of sale devices. We shall see.

    1. Above, I am attempting to play around with possible hate-bot trigger words, including whether anything I personally post is bot-dinged. Such testing may be able to tell us whether some live, human hate monger is actually reading our stuff in real time, which of course would be even more hilarious, the poor sucker.

  3. Home Depot and Target both exposed my credit card data through their irresponsible management of their systems and my data. In fact, Home Depot provided a credit monitoring service.

    I no longer shop at Target. I continue to shop and Home Depot using ApplePay — because they do not have my data to lose. If they no longer accept ApplePay I will no longer shop at Home Depot either.

  4. Oh nooooes!!! A company isn’t doing exactly what we want them to do!!! Let’s boycott them and hope they go out of business because we are free-thinking individuals with minds of our own!!!!

    1. Yehhhh! Let’s you and me be free-thinking individuals, jziii, letting Home Depot endanger our financial information without saying anything about it.

      That’ll show these pathetic whiners who want a secure payment system!!!

  5. I was unable to use it the other night at HD (after having done so successfully a few weeks ago), but I was informed by the person who stands near the self-checkout aisles that it was now working only at the aisles with attendants. He thought it was ridiculous that it was no longer working at the self-checkout lanes.

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