Karma: Samsung complains Galaxy S6 bend tests ‘may mislead consumers’

Samsung is complaining about a report that its new ‘Galaxy S6 Edge’ bends under pressure and breaks completely at a lower pressure point than Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. “The allegations have been made by a company that sells smartphone protection plans,” BBC News reports. “Samsung said that the results ‘may mislead consumers’ and called on the firm to carry out a revised test.”

“But one expert said it highlighted the danger of mocking a competitor,” The Beeb reports. “Last September, at a time when there were multiple reports that the new iPhone’s aluminium shell left it prone to damage, Samsung posted a tweet stating that its own Edge phablet was ‘curved, not bent.’ Then in February, at the S6 Edge’s launch event, Samsung’s mobile division marketing chief paused for applause and laughs when she boasted about the new handset’s design in a presentation containing several comparisons to Apple’s models… ‘My first language may not be engineering, but I do know that this [is] tough [and] will not bend,’ said Younghee Lee.”

“The current allegations are based on tests carried out by SquareTrade, which used machinery to simulate forces that it said might be experienced by a handset left in a back pocket,” The Beeb reports. “The S6 Edge’s breaking point was 149lb, at which stage it ceased to function. The iPhone 6 Plus stopped working at a force of 179lb. An accompanying video suggested that S6 Edge owners were at risk of a ‘pocket full of glass’ if they put their handsets under too much pressure.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, Samsung: Eat shit.

It’s best not to mess with karma. – Steve Jobs

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  1. Sammscum knows how to dish it out, but the little sissy cry baby can’t step up to handle it… So typical of the yelloww belly low life that it is.

    Hey Sammy eat shit and die – you forever own your Karma, ain’t that a bitch?????

      1. Old enough to remember and muster the pain inflicted on thousands of guliuble Apple shareholders that lost almost 50% of their AAPL value as a result of Samscum’s intentionally similar FUD and lies …

      2. I don’t know how old breeze is but I don’t disagree with his sentiment as Samsung behaviour has been despicable and stupid (they were still joking about iP bending at launch etc)

        besides I’ve seen REAL kids (my relatives’) sneer at Android tablets and want my iPad. When it is so obvious even kids know the difference between crap and quality.

    1. You get 4 stars from me. I had to take away one star because i was confused about the “yellow belly” thing. What about “typical” “White Bellies”? Or even “brown bellies” and “black bellies”. Can you tell just by looking at their colour?

      1. That term is a noway a racial slur…
        Yellow belly.

        noun, plural yellowbellies.
        Slang. a person who is without courage, fortitude, or nerve; coward.

  2. ‘My first language may not be engineering, but I do know that this [is] tough [and] will not bend,’ said Younghee Lee.”

    Looks like your first language definitely is NOT engineering Mr Youngeeee.


  3. Samsung paid trolls and rating fakers are out on force to do damage control by faking positive feedback ratings for the scumbag, to make sure and create an impression and appearance of public support…

    Hahahah Scummy you Karmatic dog, you are lost in trash

  4. Comparing the Galaxy S6 with iPhone 6 bending without acknowledging the iPhones weak point around the volume button is turning a blind eye on the whole cause of the bendgate.
    The bend will always happen on the weakest point which is usually in the middle because the distance from the points in this three point pressure test is the largest. That works for almost any phone except iPhone who has one even weaker point due the design flaw. How much would it take to bend in there? Lets see:

    Yeah – its only 30 kg of force, while Galaxy S6 bends on over 50kg of force.
    Almost twice as much.
    How else was it even possible for even the kids to bend an iPhone 6 in the Apple Store?
    iPhone is still the King of Bend by far.

    1. dude I can’t understand a word of that video.

      picking specific points to demonstrate iPhone weakness instead of a general bend test by Square Trade? I bet you if you study it enough you can find a ‘special spot’ on the S6 which bends way easier than iP.

      as a square trade said “not only bends but (with S6) you end up with a pocketful of glass”. (cut through your pocket and slice into your balls? LOL )

      the REALLY laughable thing is that Samsung was hooting about bending… and they got bit in the ass.
      Not only are their products trash so is their Marketing and PR. Trash products and Foot in the mouth copycat Executives (Klowns!) .

      if samsung copied a Mercedes they would come up with a YUGO. LOL.

      1. Well did you learn any foreign language in school?
        That’s German for example, but the language should not be a barrier for anyone because its the numbers that count.

        I hope you had some Physics course in school.
        Because in every day use (like phone being in a tight pocket) the force will be applied over the whole length of the phone and ques where it will make the biggest damage.
        El correcto. On its weakest point.
        Hence why it is so important to test the phones in that fashion.

        But if you want to find a weak spot on Galaxy S6 – be my guest – try and bend it – like those kids bent the iPhone in the Apple Store. Remember that. Oh LOL fun times.

        P.S. I see you are oddly familiar with the YUGO. LOL

        1. post all you want

          we’ve been laughing at samsung for days already over it’s More Bendable Phones and it came out AFTER the lessons from the iPhone. How dense and incompetent can people get! One year after iPhone 6 and it’s MORE BENDABLE!!!! and worse android love boys try to defend it! LOL How much did sammy pay you to lick ass? We know that Samsung hires trolls from the HTC case where Samsung admitted to it and was fined by the Taiwanese government!!! Samsung admitted that it paid trolls to attack HTC and posted FAKE REVIEWS of products !!! . You must be one of those trolls, if you’re not being paid and posting here… you are an idiot cause most of those defending them are paid !! Samsung even pays people to attend it product launches other wise no one would attend! lol )

          ” ‘My first language may not be engineering, but I do know that this [is] tough [and] will not bend,’ said Younghee Lee.”

          you’re so clever with languages you should teach the dudes in Samsung the company whose ass you are sucking some ‘language skills’. Mr.Lee should realize the language of engineering and bendable quality of the S6 (not to mention all the other inferior aspects of it) as proven by videos. Now he looks like a total dud.

          (btw I speak a bunch of languages, just not German. So I doubt you are so superior. I bet you don’t speak some of the languages I do, . You only think ‘German’ is it, other languages inferior ? lol. So are you racist? !).

          s6 everyone knows: it BENDS worse than iPhone and leaves you pocket full of glass. LOL.

          “I hope you had some Physics course in school.
          Because in every day use (like phone being in a tight pocket) the force will be applied over the whole length of the phone and ques where it will make the biggest damage.”

          DID you know last year Square Trade actually did that? it put the iPhone in tight jeans with various body sized people and got them to exercise and the iPhone came out with flying colours YET at that time Android idiots said that ‘pants test are not scientific’ only pressure device tests and now they change the story… when S6 bends and shatters.

          1. WOW man, how did you know, of course I am one of those trolls. What gave me up? /S LOL

            Such a long paragraph but no content.

            Do you really thing the iPhone will bend from being few times in the pocket. Yeah I even saw a stupid CNN reporter who put the phone in the pocket, sat once, took it out and said “Here, it’s not bent” LOL
            So even that Square Trade test was shitty.

            Just ask your self – Why didn’t they test the weak point?
            Yeah, they would actually found out how weak that thing is.


              IB TIMES on the Samsung’s Underhanded and False Marketing:
              ” FTC found that Samsung had hired “a large number” of writers to continue the negative posts. The FTC ruled that the Samsung campaign violated fair trade rules by undermining HTC’s reputation.

              “The Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan levied a $340,000 (NT $10 million) fine on Samsung Electronics Co. (OTCMKTS: SSNLF) on Thursday for astroturfing,”

              This is the second fine the FTC has given Samsung this year. In January, Samsung was fined about $10,000 (NT $300,000) for false advertising of the Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 phone. ”

              (SECOND TIME! FALSE ADVERTISING! get that? Samsung made FAKE reviews and also hired people to troll! Many of those 5 star and user reviews of Samsung phones are FAKE.

              SO HOW THE FUK DO I KNOW THAT VIDEO you linked IS NOT A SAMSUNG FAKE TEST ????????????????
              impossible to judge as samung has continually done it IN SPITE of court injunctions to stop!!!
              (in contrast Apple has never been charged or fined for such things)

              in case anyone still doubts Samsung’s guilt, here is a quote form their official apology:
              “(Quote: Samsung’s official apology in HTC case : “The recent incident was unfortunate, and occurred due to insufficient understanding of these fundamental principles (of honest communication) )

              and if you are not paid, you are stupid as most samsung supporters are paid, and you have supporting a RABIDLY DISHONEST COMPANY.

              as for your sarcastic comment about me no understanding German… dude did you realize this site was in ENGLISH. go post on German sites… oops.. you have to check with samsung first before you post there? or you won’t be paid? .

              even if the video was real (which there are grave doubts, see above):
              ONE MORE TIME: weak point… weak point…
              pffff … like I said if tried hard enough I could find a weak spot … say apply pressure RIGHT AT THE CURVE EDGE OF THE S6 EDGE and i bet you it’ll brake easier than if i applied at the same spot on the iPhone. you say WEAK SPOT, isn’t the curve the S6 weak spot???

              Last year all the android guys were saying the BEND IN THE CENTER WAS VALID… now they are finding (after hours of trying all over the phone probably) for the WEAK SPOT of S6 vs iP. Lol.

              fact is dude everyone know, all over the web, one year after the iP6 with all the advances (one full R&D cycle) and the S6 bends more than the OLD iPhone!! lol.

            2. So basically you have no argument or proof or any kind of a logical construction which would dispute the fact that the build of Galaxy S6 is much stronger than of the iPhone 6.

              Except. … wait a minute…. a conspiracy theory about how everything is masterminded and faked by Samsung … and all those bent iPhones actually doesn’t exists. LOL

              Yeah you just go ahead and find that weak point on Galaxy S6.
              Let me know when you do.

            3. “So basically you have no argument or proof or any kind of a logical construction which would dispute the fact that the build of Galaxy S6 is much stronger than of the iPhone 6.”

              you’re dense aren’t you.
              the square Trade (a gadget insurer whose job is to test and access to insure) has done the tests and proven it that the S6 is much much weaker. Why would they lie? Lose money making the policies? (i.e if the iPhones which they insure break so easily won’t they lose money by lying?)

              You keep saying your (probably fake) video of ‘Weak Spot’. Like I said over and over, why don’t I pick a weak spot like the EDGE of the phone. I bet you the S6 edge will break much easier at the glass edge I pick than the iP metal edge. Your test of picking a ‘specific weak’ spot proves nothing.

              “and all those bent iPhones actually doesn’t exists.”
              Dude you are near clueless aren’t you? Apple already announced one week after sales started (they sold 10 million over the weekend so probably more than 10m sold altogether) that they had only 9 (NINE) cases of phone complaints of bending! That’s .00009%. (an official announcement is verifiable via Apple Care reports through the SEC etc) I don’t have data for Samsung phones but a typical samsung device like the Galaxy Gear watch has a 30+% return rate.
              BGR “Leaked sales documents obtained by Geek.com show that the return rate for the Galaxy Gear “is trending above 30%””


            4. Much, much weaker? LOL
              Square Trade showed that applying the force in the middle they both bend at the same force but of course they failed to mention that iPhone has a weaker spot near the volume buttons where it will bend under much lower force. Why?
              Probably because they didn’t want to upset Apple and end like Computer Bild which lost all the invites to future Apple events because the proper bend test:


              That is how Apple operates and places all the media in check. The media you so believe in.

              Like I said – if you find a weaker spot on S6 let me know.

              1 of 9? Here ya go:
              600 in the first three months that were willing to share the bend experience – the tip of the iceberg. Majority of iFans wouldn’t even admit it even if their phone was bent. They would probably say:
              “it’s not my phone, it’s the space around the phone that is warped”

              Galaxy Gear (1)? LOL.
              Yeah when you don’t have arguments, let’s just throw some random news in the mix.
              So where should I start?
              – Apple Maps fiasco
              – Antenna fiasco.
              – Purple Haze Camera.
              or if you are a little bit older:
              – MobileMe
              – ROKR
              – Apple III
              – Next
              – Lisa
              – Pipin

              All failed Apple products.

            5. Do you kids know anything else other than: rant, bitch, drivel, throw tantrums and huffs on these forums?
              Start except the facts as they are. Your precious new iPhone has the worst build quality of all the phones out there. Sure it looks half nice but it’s bendable as (to put it in for-you-understandable language) horse doo doo.

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