Longtime NeXT/Apple developer exalts Swift 1.2

“Wil Shipley, a developer whose association with Apple began with a contract for NeXT, has posted two tweets in praise of Swift shortly after Apple’s ‘significant update’ to the programming language,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“Shipley says he feels the same way about Swift that he did when he first saw Cocoa on the NeXT platform, and that Objective-C is a ‘crapshack’ of a language in comparison,” Lovejoy reports. “The developer co-founded The Omni Group in 1991, one of the few companies to create apps for NeXT and eventually OS X.”

“He won a record five Apple Design Awards while at Omni, winning three more at the second company he founded, Delicious Monster,” Lovejoy reports. “All of Delicious Monster’s other staff were later hired by Apple.”

More info and links in the full article here.

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  1. Swiftly becoming a core development tool. All the while…. I can’t help but to miss Monkey Boy Steve… Ah well …. DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! DEVELOPERS!!!! How bout them Apples!?

  2. Shipley’s Omni Outliner is simply without question, the best outliner (& it does more than just outlines) that I have ever seen or tried.

    OO is a godsend for keeping all sorts of information easily accessible and yet hidden when not wanted to be in view.

    I started using OO back about 10 years ago and at this point I won’t ever let it go. OO is also able to have Spotlight find files that have text you search for inside of OO files, so it plays nice with OS X, which some other outliners do not allow.

  3. Ever since 1989 (which is when Wil Shipley and I both got our hands on NeXTSTEP), I’ve been saying that I’ll switch from Obj-C when I was something better. Java wasn’t it. Python wasn’t it. Ruby wasn’t it.

    Swift probably IS it. It’s off to a very promising start.


    1. Oh, I think Ruby is way, way better. It just doesn’t have much support outside of web and scripting. MacRuby was once promising, and I was hoping Apple would switch to that when they abandoned Objective-C. I don’t think anyone expected a homegrown language though!

      1. This was released in beta on Feb 9 and does indeed require OS X 10.10 although it comes with 10.9 libraries and can generate code for older releases with additional downloads.

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