Apple’s continued debt offerings are good news for investors

“It may not be as exciting as the latest and greatest iPhone, but Apple’s latest offering is still something that investors should appreciate: bonds,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “Last week, Apple raised an additional $6.5 billion in capital through a bond offering to kick off 2015. This is the fourth debt offering in recent years.”

“Apple’s continued pursuit of debt is great for investors,” Niu writes. “Perhaps most importantly, the latest bond offering is yet another sign that Apple is preparing for the impending update to its capital-return program. CFO Luca Maestri confirmed on the last call that investors can expect an update alongside the next earnings release in April.”

“Before taking into account domestic operating cash flow this quarter, Apple should now have close to $27 billion stateside,” Niu writes. “That’s a solid cash position that positions Apple for yet another boost in its capital-return program.”

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  1. Today’s bond news and a fresh new stock high …. Any connection?

    Buy Apple and look for Apple to sell over 60 million iPhones and I’m saying 65 million this quarter unlike the Street 51-52 to even 55 million number floating around which will soon be flushed down the drain …..

    Buy Apple!

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