“Apple’s new Swift language, featuring modern-day development capabilities for building OS X and iOS applications, is likely to find swift, high placement in assessments of programming language popularity,” Paul Krill reports for InfoWorld.

“Both the Tiobe and PyPL indexes already have plans to accommodate Swift,” Krill reports. “‘A preview shows that its first rating will probably in the top 20 by [the July Tiobe index]. Swift is a natural and long-awaited next step of Apple,’ this month’s Tiobe index description said. The monthly index, which gauges language popularity via a formula assessing searches on languages on sites like Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube, has shown Swift’s predecessor, the Objective-C language, ranking not far behind C and Java in language popularity in recent years.”

“In the rival PyPL index, which looks at how often language tutorials are searched on in Google, a representative already has done a brief assessment on Swift,” Krill reports. “‘Yes, it would come in ninth position, based on the first week of data since its announcement,’ said Pierre Carbonnelle, who oversees the index… With a 6.6 percent share, Objective-C ranks eighth on the PyPL index, which notes the language has been climbing in popularity.”

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