WWDC 2014: Apple sets the scene for its next decade

“The WWDC keynote is over but I thought it may be worthwhile to offer up my first impressions of what has been announced, summarized in two thoughts: new programming language, Swift, sets Apple up for the next decade; and it’s not about ‘Made in Cupertino’ any more: the new Apple is all about PARTNERSHIP,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Apple is answering critics who call it ‘too controlling’ by permitting users a hitherto unprecedented environment in which they can work with the devices they choose. It’s also a shot in the arm for developers, who can now work to develop their own solutions and have these underpinned by the secure power of Apple’s ecosystem.”

“The introduction of Swift (which I don’t recall being predicted by any of the consumer-focused Apple watching Websites) is almost as significant as the move to OS X,” Evans writes. “Swift seems set to pose new challenges for developers and in doing so will make development on Apple’s platforms far more interesting again. This also promises a new renaissance of app development, and opens up all kinds of opportunities for new apps, services and devices from within the Apple ecosystem.”

Evans writes, “No hardware in the WWDC keynote today, but it doesn’t matter. You see, what developers at the developer event saw today gave them a road map for future product development they can follow for the next ten years.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. I was a bit disappointed UNTIL they got to the Swift part of the keynote. I’m not a “real” developer, but I thought “Wow!”

      Plus, it’s not like the developers have to recode all of their apps to use the new language; one of the slides said it works seamlessly, side-by-side, with the existing coding standard in Xcode. So, I presume that means developers can slowly transition their code base to Swift, or just add new elements using Swift.

      And that “interactive” demo (showing “cause and effect) was nicely done, to show the development environment. Makes me want to get involved in programming again… 🙂

      1. It takes a long time to develop a language and its parts. Years, And yet nobody saw this coming. Apple can’t control the suppliers like it wants to, but in-house stuff like this simply doesn’t leak.
        Seems the only things that leak are those that involve third parties.

        So who knows what amazing things Apple is cooking up that don’t yet require outside involvement.

      1. Google is in the process of creating/purchasing a 180 satellite network to bring the internet to EVERYWHERE in the world for $2B. Timmy purchases Dr Dre for $3B. What in the hell is wrong with you people?

          1. good lord, are you truly that stupid?  is gettin’ their asses handed to ’em while you idiots froth over “hey, with Yosemite I can now can now pay for stuff with my fingerprint.” Wake the fsck up.

            1. Wait, you’re calling me stupid because I can do math and recognize patterns in Google’s behaviour?

              And it appears that the one ass that isn’t being handed to Apple is the one with most of the profits — they’re handily taking that one for themselves.

            2. Microsoft, via standards manipulation & monopolistic practices.
              Apple, via premium products with significant profit margins.
              I believe Apple’s profitability is more sustainable.
              But, as an Apple developer & shareholder, and as a Microsoft sufferer, I’m biased. 🙂

            3. google doesn’t have to lose for apple to win. to paraphrase… 🙂 But seriously if you can’t see how apple has changed the future road map today I’m sorry.

            1. Google clearly has vision, they take on grand challenges. But most of them fail so accepting that they will be the world’s internet providers at this stage is comparable to believing one of Ballmer’s grand proclamations.

              Its not impossible that Google will succeed, but they do seem to go off in a lot of directions and fail to follow through.

              And they are also leaving themselves vulnerable. The legal losses regarding Java ought to be worrying them. Apple’s charging into larger phones and a more open OS ought to be worrying them, as those are two places Android actually had an edge.

            2. enjoy paying for your purchases with your fingerprint. blind as a bat.

              The internet is the road, if you want to drive on the road you pay the toll. If a company can control the road, it controls everything. Google is in the process of creating that truly world-wide road. In the meantime, Princess Timmy is taking calls from Dr Dre as a new  employee in a goddamned keynote. Wake the fsck up…there are no “new great products in the pipeline.”

            3. Are you hiding an intelligible viewpoint behind the irrelevant rants. Please state it more clearly if so.

              It doesn’t look like Google is dominating. Google has not succeeded in monetizing the mobile or social worlds like they did with desktop search, despite many attempts, lost dollars and fizzled projects.

              I don’t count them out, but taking company announcements like facts is falling into the same analyst trap that kept Microsoft new positive while their mobile initiatives circled the bowl.

            4. How do you suppose 180 satellites will handle the bandwidth of the ENTIRE internet? Wake up. The internet backbone is through fiber optics for the foreseeable future and LTE will dominate the airwaves for at least the next 5+ years. Satellites only provide value to cabin dwellers and inflight wifi providers. Granted, Google is pushing into new markets with fiber optic service, which is still a pretty dumb business proposition for them to invest in.

            5. So — what are you saying?

              I think you are saying Google is moving to a position of complete control over the world’s Internet?

              And you say it like it’s a good thing, rather than the unethical, anti-competitive dangerous monopoly position Google is staking in these actions.

              if you were truly an intelligent person, you’d be standing on tables demanding regulators limit Google’s growth, expansion and market power.

              it’s not as if it doesn’t have a track record of being completely unethical.

              Seriously. If you think monopoly over the Internet is a good thing to be supported, you’re a complete and utter moron and you deserve the miserable dystopian planet you will end up living on,

              Your uncritical allegiance to Google is one of the things Apple is standing against.

              I for one support Apple in its attempt to ensure the Internet is not owned by an evil and unethical advertising company.

            6. I don’t get it. Why can’t we just be happy with both Google and Apple venturing into their own futures. Hey man, google buying 180 satellites is great. Now I can use my apple made products on free internet services (if they will be free, or maybe I just gotta give up some device date). I mean…do they have to always directly compete with one another in your eyes? Google is making a driver-less car and apple is putting iOS in the car. They each have their own desires and wants.

            7. All I know, is that this conference was a developers wet dream. Not every conference has to shit gold for the world. What are you looking for apple to create? iWatch? please, thats a dead end waiting to happen. A TV…..not a bad option…but it just makes us sit on our ass more, not really life-changing (don’t get me wrong it sounds awesome). I want to know what it would take for apple to grab your attention.

            8. The average American pays $55 per month for internet access. Google, with a global network satellite, will be able to charge virtually nothing. They will be able to access any wifi device, allowing them unimaginable revenue though advertising.

              Apple has Dr Dre.

            9. Even if Google’s satellite plan is implemented and they don’t shut it down within a few years, Apple will still be earning most of the hardware profit.
              The satellite network without devices to access it is worthless.
              Just like devices without network connections…
              And there’s already network infrastructure in place that isn’t saturated with advertising…

            10. and in another two summers, a profusely sweating Tim Cook will be mumbling “developers, developers, developers” to a captive audience of shills. Where are the “great new products in the pipeline?” Al, they don’t exist and won’t exist as long this nincompoop is CEO of .

            11. The ONLY reason google is doing the satellite thing is to suck up more info to sell to its advertisers.

              They’re pretty clever though, sugaring the data mining exercise as developing a solution for areas with no internet.

              One thing google is innovative at is marketing spin.

              Google is an information vampire, if they had their way they would have a mobile camera following you 24hrs a day recording, monitoring and sucking up everything about your life so they can sell that information.

              It’s the same with the ‘driverless car’ – another Trojan horse to record everywhere you go. And don’t be surprised if you’re exposed to adverts displayed on the dashboard when you drive it!

          1. no one, and I mean NO ONE, wants  to succeed more than me, but I am no fool for a leadership that sits back and watches competition hand ’em their asses. The immediate discharge of Princess Tim by the board of directors is necessary. Leading the most valuable company in the world is a man’s job.

            1. What planet are you on?

              “Sit back” – what a joke!

              Watch that god dam. Keynote – apple is beating everyone at the pass!

              They have totally made web search irrelevant with the OS updates – which means google should be shitting themselves now.

              Google can’t suck up any data from any mac or iOS device now.

              I can guarantee apple is developing its own search engine too!

            2. I watched it even though it took an entire pot of coffee from slipping into a coma. I thought I was back in 70’s watching Ron Popeil huckster Pocket Fisherman while game show host, Craig Federighi, asked the lovely Carol Merrill if I wanted what was behind Door #3. Then a phone call from Dr Dre, my god what a joke.

              Tim Cook has got to go.

        1. Sorry that satellite system doesn’t exist yet nor are there any guarantees it’ll amount to a hill of beans nor anything actually desirable. Sad you’re more trusting of Mountain View than Cupertino. Anything Google touches you don’t want.

            1. That’s not what I’ve heard. Hmmm if you think that extremely common modest latin expression is a big mental exercise your mind and vocabulary must be especially infinitesimal.

              Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant & vescere braces meis!

            2. look Pete, you have some kinda gripe with me. At least be a man and take it out in the open and say what’s on your mind. Otherwise, I don’t have the patience to deal with your crap.

            3. I thought I did. You’re not exactly innocent of all mischief here loudly channeling Foghorn Leghorn with your Apple dissatisfaction. Enough already! Know what word “obnoxious” means?

              Hey listen you made me laugh out loud earlier today on another post and I sometimes appreciate your humor. But you could lighten up a little too.

              I hope all your reservations are assuaged in the fall quarter and all your fruity dreams come true. I know we are fighting for the same team here, if by different methods. Captain Blood out!

        2. Let’s see Apple has a plan for their future and the future of computing and Google flails around aimlessly spending billions on projects that will never become real products. I think I have more faith Apple will succeed than the one trick pony that is Google.

    1. The Tim Cook steward era. Boring, bland, tasteless, snorefest. Can’t innovate, buy another company that can. The sooner Cook and Ive are fired, the better.

        1. As a developer I am not sure boring or exciting are the point of a developers conference.

          The fact that iOS is getting more open (API’s for health, home, etc., API’s for notification widgets, between app services, etc.) is huge. This is what allows developers to really give customers what they want. The new Swift language looks to compete with other friendly well thought out languages like Python.

          These are big changes for long term success, not splashy updates for the next three months. So as a developer or investor they are very substantial. As a customer, well some of this might seem a yawner but it will mean better products down the road.

          1. These are attempts by Cook and company to distract and buy time. Unfortunately, Cook is an incompetant baffoon. People are waking up, and now with such a boring and bland WWDC, the chorus of voices looking for him to be fired is going to grow ever louder. Both Cook and Ive need to be fired, sooner than later. Hopefully it won’t take the Apple board as long as it took the Microsoft one to fire Cook. He is Apple’s Ballmer and they don’t even realize it yet.

            1. As a developer I can tell you nothing is further from the truth. Who knows how Tim does in the long run, but he is doing fine now.

              Boring is a funny word. It means Apple didn’t do something for you today. But Apple is working on the long run, it is not concerned with hitting your pink button every month. That is something you need to do for yourself.

              Everything announced in the keynote was a long term improvement to the platform and helpful to developers. Keeping developers happy will pay off huge for Apple as a company and its customers in terms of solutions down the road.

              In the meantime, you are focused on Apple even though you don’t understand it or developers. So I guess they are winning in terms of your mindshare too.

            2. It is a variation of the old broken window phallacy. The idea that you can have a bad CEO in one of the greatest companies, and still be successful. The funny thing with that is, all the wasted time, energy, blood, sweat, tears that never sees the light of day, because opportunities are squandered, enthusiasm dampered, the spark of ingenuity extinguished. Tim Cook is rotting Apple from the inside out, along with his partner in crime, Jony Ive. If Apple knows what is good for it, it will fire them both, sooner rather than later. My fear is that it will take them 10 years before they figure it out. And unlike last time, there won’t be a Steve Jobs to gallantly ride in on a white horse to save it.

            3. Yea, Tim is so bad that Apple made no profits last quarter.
              Oh wait, they did.
              QUARTER before that, Apple made money.
              The past year and previous year…
              …yea, Apple made some money too.

              With Apple making all these record profits they really should fire Tim.

              You are a troll and a dumb ass.

            4. You apparently are daft, and don’t understand, that Apple made these profits DESPITE incompetent leadership in charge. It is a testament to the momentum Steve put forth in getting Apple back on the right track. Cook is doing everything he can to drive it into the ground.

            5. Well said Nevermark!

              Without Developers developing the device foundation impatient twits out there can’t have their toys. Sad those who have nothing else going on in their lives and living on Apple product release schedules as their prime reason to live. Their raison d’être.

    1. “Apple has a monopoly on doing what it just did.” — Horace Dediu

      You can tell which commenters here understand why Apple is successful and which do not. This was a good day for the Apple platform. People upset about few big product announcements don’t know how great products are made.

      1. As I’ve been saying for a while, all Apple needs to do to pacify the “we want a HUGE phone” crowd is to add a phone app to the iPad (with cellular), both the 8 and 10 -inch sizes, and work with the carriers to make iPhone-type plans available to iPad customers (maybe even allow subsidies). If possible, make this feature work retroactively with existing iPad models (that have cellular).

        Users can use the remote control on their headsets to make calls. Using the “phone” in the nearby iOS device may be one of the features of the rumored iWatch.

        The iPhone can be a bit larger (particularly if it gets thinner), but I do NOT want a 6 (or 7) -inch iPhone. At that point, it is no longer a phone. It is a tablet that makes phone calls. Apple already has that hardware; Apple just needs to add the software.

    1. That’s OK. Apple released a iMac phone, a laptop phone, a Mac Mini phone, a iPad phone and a iPod Touch phone today.

      All you need is an iPhone and you can have whatever size phone and screen you want.

  1. No new hardware at a developers conference? Uh…it’s a DEVELOPER’S conference, for people who write software!!!
    NEW Hardware is introduced every back to school and holiday gift seasons. . . . Never at the start of the slow sales summer. What idiots!

    1. I haven’t seen anyone mention, particularly the keen-eyed folks here at MDN, that the aspect ratio of the iPhone screen images in the presentation were different from current iPhones. That wasn’t a error. I took it to mean an iPhones with new dimensions is coming soon.

  2. I do think that is spot on its just that there is an abstraction layer between what it offers developers now and what it will offer the user down the line. I didn’t think that they communicated that as well as they could have. When the comment was made about no one viewing this at home will understand what we are talking about I think it was more accurate than the intended joke. One understands the prevailing emphasis on the Developers but a little more marketing of that potential so that those others watching might be included in the game might have been nice. They have to be excited too after all is done. Doesn’t help I guess that Craig is the only showman amongst the presenters. That said I do like the direction the platforms are headed and the underlying Work looks excellent.

  3. Today Apple definitely went boldly where android can’t go. Secure, rapidly updated and adopted environment with a maturing and integrated cloud accessed by well-designed hardware. It’s the future of app development and consumer embrace. The continuity features, which are not an option for Samsung, will drive virtuous cyle of both mac and iPhone/iPad adoption. Health and home being able to play well while taking the risk for Apple out of those hardware plays… Brilliant! Definitely staying long on AAPL! Not to mention further sidestepping google search with spotlight’s coming of age Wowsa!

  4. No new iPhone with a 30″ screen and 15 TB of ram Apple is doomed!!

    Oh wait, I’m not a analyst. I like what I saw Apple is finding new ways expand its ecosystem.

        1. you poor botvinnick, it’s not a no. it’s just a little bit of clarity that alas, assumes a thinking troll. that you’d even take the time to snipe at me, solomé, tells me you are still operating on a purely emotion plane where clarity’s fat ass has no hope to gain altitude.

    1. Certainly. This empowers developers to write a new generation of powerful applications, which will make both existing and future Apple hardware enormously more useful and thus more valuable.

      This is a developers’ conference, and it would be foolish for anyone to ignore what it means for developers. It was never about announcing anything of direct immediate value for end-users.

    2. Your premise of consumer purchase motivation being a good barometer of today’s developer event is flawed.
      Similarly, my motivation to purchase an Apple Developer Program membership wouldn’t be a good barometer of watching a consumer-focussed TV commercial.
      Although, watching my dog hump your leg might make me want to purchase Google’s free satellite internet service. 🙂

            1. Sales are relevant to (virtually?) all businesses.

              But we’re discussing a developer presentation — not a business. Developer presentations, and countless other business activities, aren’t intended to directly drive sales.

              So, what meaning is there in counting how many sales were motivated by this developer event, which wasn’t intended to motivate sales?

            2. Really? I thought we were staying above that level. I’m disappointed. 🙁
              And you ignored my point and my question.
              However, I accept your apology and we can now both agree that you were incorrect in your fundamental premise. 🙂

            3. My fundamental premise, which you chose to ignore was: “A good barometer of today’s event: have you seen anything that would motivate you to purchase an  product?”
              So, don’t get pissy with me about “levels” and “apologies.”

              I have you down for a no on the original premise.

    3. Hey botvinnik, how you doing? You know I usually give you a wide berth, heck there is no match for your approach at MDN but I’ll take a shot and won’t mind it when you totally trash me.

      Yes there is something I saw from the WWDC conference that would motivate me to purchase an Apple product. The operating system and Swift, Safari changes and the rest have the potential to be impressive to developers who will continue to add diversity to the Apple ecosystem and those are good motivators but nothing in all of that compares to the process and it’s the process that really impressed me with Apple and that will motivate me to purchase more Apple products in the future. That process is the maintenance of privacy by Apple. No one from the rumor mill knew, or had a clue of the new operating system, nor did they know anything about the program language. Of course that is not a great task when dealing with jouranalysts and analysts that intellectually could not fight their way out of a paper bag but even Snowden from the NSA never said anything about Apple working on a new programming language like Swift and frankly that leads me to believe that the NSA was clueless.

      Having a company that is able to produced such achievements while at the same time maintaining its privacy is certainly an inspiration and a benchmarks to individuals and inspires and motivates this individual to continue purchasing Apple products.

      So that’s a yes botvinnik and thank you for the question, even though I don’t think it’s a good barometer for the conference. The WWDC is a developer’s conference, NOT a consumer conference. A better barometer of the conference would be “Have you seen anything that would motivate you to develop for an  product?

        1. Hey you are welcome. I am already motivated to purchase Apple products as my family already has ipods, iMacs, iPads and so on. Great products and a great ecosystem give the best overall experience in my opinion. For me it is a holistic approach that is important. It is not about a singular reductionistic item or a line of code or a particular feature that does it for me.

          Again, it was a developers conference so once again gauging a purchase decision as a barometer, does not in my opinion have the grace and elegance that asking what a person would develop for a Mac.

          Furthermore, there are new products in the pipeline. Rich applications developed for those products will certainly be a motivating feature when those products are announced. At that time your question will hold a valued perspective, so I am keeping it in mind.

        1. I always find by the way that it takes a long time to digest the implications from the WWDC so answering your question off the cuff, well it’s a bit of a challenge for me.
          Swift gets me excited but that’s something for the developers so it’s not directly a huge motivator. The OS operating systems are always a joy so that’s a constant motivator.

          In terms of a singular feature though right now I’m looking at AirDrop and Handoff as being particularly useful and I can see that being a potential motivator.

          Once again though a singular feature usually does not do it for me, it’s the over all experience.

          1. Well, indirectly answering botvinnik’s question by way of your fine handle, I was inspired to buy the iPhone 5s, because I imagined the 64 bit applications swarming out of the hive after that phalanx of APIs and all the other niceties were unveiled, popping the roof off Apple labs for a moment and showing me Santa’s never-idle workshop, elves grinning ear to ear as they stacked up the toys. Made me want to be a developer again, to roll up the sleeves and go about making something new and fun, something to make people happy. Starting with myself.

            Before that I was perfectly content with my 3.5 inch iPhone 4s, just like a few million others.

            1. It’s always a great joy to receive your feedback. Upon reflection and reading your reply I’ve been hit by one of the first things I was told about Apple that would be a revelation of their endurance. Apple is different because the hardware and software people talk to each other. People go on about the ecosystem these days, which I can appreciate to a degree but for me it’s the elegance of the interface between the hardware and the software.

              Have a great day.

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