How Apple is winning a secret war

“When observers analyze a new or existing product from Apple, they tend to focus on the design, operation and features. In some cases, the conclusion is that some competitor, X, has a better product,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “That misses at least half the story of Apple’s secret product war.”

“Apple has the industrial and design capacity to create monster headaches for the competition. Classic examples of this are Apple’s security capabilities with the iPhone’s Touch ID, secure enclave, followed by Apple Pay and a larger display,” Martellaro writes. “Arguments have been presented that these developments have severely punished Samsung.”

“These features on a comparison chart don’t mean nearly as much as they do when it comes to manufacturing and instantiating the technology in a real world product that earns a handsome profit,” Martellaro writes. “This explains why, even though some observers try to make a case that some Apple product is insufficient in some respect, Apple continues to have phenomenal earnings reports.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Spec shootouts are for the ignorati.


  1. A physical circular home button, suites the human finger best ergonomically.

    A physical circular home button, suites finger print scanning technology extremely well.

    A physical circular home button, suites the one-click purchase method perfectly.

    While Samsung and others toyed with square buttons and none physical home buttons?

    Apple remained committed to the over all plan it had. These three things regarding the Apple home button prove that design and planning will always win over your competition.
    Apple Genius in deed.

    1. Sorry, it’s either “ignorati” or “ignoramuses”.
      No such noun as “ignoranti”, that would be the dativ of the Latin adjective “ignorans”.
      “Ignorati” is a contraction of glitterati+ignorant, and actually very fitting in the context of this article.
      Elites who, despite their power, wealth, or influence, are prone to making serious errors when discussing science and other technical matters.
      From the Urban Dictionary

  2. I’m so excited about my new iPhone 6 and the spare 6 Plus we have in the office and our new iPad Air 2 and the AirPlay feature ….

    I can now do a few pictures and a little video on my iPhone and then AirPlay it to my iPad and then run it through iMovie and make a short 1-2 minute video with some background music and my take if what I see on the job and show the customer ….. It blows them away and I get work for being the smartest or at least appear the smartest contractor ….

    In April 2010 I was awarded a $115,000 job due to presentation of matierla on my new iPad One and the bids were close, we were not the lowest but simply the best …..

    Apple products rock in my biz!

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