Apple $450 million e-book settlement gets final court approval

“A U.S. judge on Friday gave final approval to Apple Inc’s agreement to pay $450 million to resolve claims it harmed consumers by conspiring with five publishers to raise e-book prices,” Nate Raymond reports for Reuters.

“During a hearing in Manhattan, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote approved what she called an ‘unusual’ accord,” Raymond reports. “It calls for Apple to pay $400 million to as many as 23 million consumers if the company’s appeal of a ruling finding it liable for antitrust violations is unsuccessful.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Puppet of a deranged DOJ:

Lady Elaine Fairchilde (left), Judge Denise Cote (right),or vice versa
Lady Elaine Fairchilde (left), Judge Denise Cote (right), or vice versa

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  1. If Apple settled, like a bitch boy, and the other publishers, they would have paid about $79 million.

    I really really really want them to win this appeal. It’s all stupid prejudice BS.

    But Apple has already won. iPhone 6/6 Plus

  2. Come on MDN. Stop making fun of people’s appearance. Are you 12? How about you publish pictures of yourselves so we can all see what beautiful specimens you are. I have a feeling you would not win any beauty prizes. Grow up.

        1. Talk about a couch potato. Clearly you never leave your computer. You just cannot wait to post on every damn thing on here. Get outside, get some sunshine. You might now be so negative if you go out where there are people.

    1. Well if you look beyond the appearance aspects you’d realize more importantly the puppet is an ideal metaphor for a hapless judge working under the strings of the morally bankrupt DOJ and its minions. That particular puppet is just the closest match, with the Wayland Flowers Madame puppet a close second.

    2. C Joe,
      I noticed you are using a drive by account and not a registered account. Maybe that indicates you have no idea how some of our judicial members are acting our of politics vs actual law.

      That could explain you comments.
      Just saying.

  3. This is nothing to worry about, just a rubber stamping. There is a mood shift as the appeal comes in. This will be the time to make a stand.

    A court of appeal should toss the whole thing out. It’s not about the money, it’s about the principle, although one would have to be aware that there’s a lot of folk that operate on the principle of money and would love to get their hands on that piece of coin.

    Now I hope the appeal, is going to be so much better reading. Maybe a little raking over the coals for a certain…gee forgot the name of it. Wasn’t Pinnochio…..

  4. We got them by the ba…
    With Apples encryption the Feds have Been screaming to the heavens.
    I am sure the fix is in for the appeals court.
    Clear the deck and kick Cotes in the
    arse. Holder is on the way out so give it up.
    They did not who they we’re dealing with !!!

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