iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus sales update

“The iPhone 6 was initially outselling the iPhone 6 Plus by approximately 6 to 1 at launch, but over the last nine weeks as iPhone 6 Plus supply has ramped up and the new iPhones launched in China, the iPhone 6 is now outselling the Plus by approximately 3 to 1 according to Mixpanel and Fiksu,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “Tech analyst Ben Bajarin reported Baidu/Umeng data suggests a similar breakdown between iPhone models in China.”

“We still don’t know how iPhone demand/supply imbalance is impacting consumer purchasing decisions,” Cybart writes. “Are consumers choosing the model that is in stock in-stores or with a shorter wait time online?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone 6 to iPhone 6 Plus ratio trends towards 2.5 to 1 suggesting approximately 70% of consumers are choosing iPhone 6 and 30% are choosing iPhone 6 Plus,” Cybart writes. “Why? The iPhone 6 Plus may represent a good compromise for consumers deciding between a phone and tablet.”

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  1. I have an iPad, an iPad mini, and an iPhone 6 Plus. There are many excellent reasons for buying a 6 Plus which have nothing to do with compromise.

    Friday afternoon filler.

    1. I have the 6+ 128GB in Grey, best phone I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned:

      iPhone 3G
      iPhone 4
      iPhone 5

      When I say best phone, I don’t even mean it’s fastest/more resolute/etc. I mean it’s the largest leap in technology I’ve seen. I went from a Sony Ericsson P900 to the first iPhone, and I’d argue the leap from iPhone 5 to 6+ is larger. Mainly because there were no apps at the time of the original iPhone (I don’t count web apps), and with the leap from 5 to 6+, it feels like I went from a mobile phone computer to a full computer. I can get so much more done on the 6+.

  2. I would have bought a plus, but needed a phone now (broke mine), so I bought the 4.7. I’ve checked both local apple stores stock on almost a daily basis since a week after launch, and only one store had stock on the plus for only one day in about two months. If the plus was actually an option you could buy without waiting 3-4 weeks, they’d sell more. It’s not hard to figure out. Don’t need to be an analyst/guesser to figure it out.

  3. Having now evaluated both the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 in my bear-claw type man hands, I am leaning toward the 6 rather than the 6 Plus. The fact that I own an iPad Air 2 might, to be fair, have something do with it, but I just felt more fumbly handling the larger 6 Plus. The 6 felt more natural in my hand. The entire experience instantly explained to me why Apple waited so long on making a bigger-screen phone, and why so many of its competitors leaped ahead.

    On Apple’s part, they needed to wait until you could get a no-compromise (on battery, graphics, display quality, Retina) big screen display. I have no doubt whatsoever that Steve Jobs himself would have reversed his view once those elements were in place (as he often did).

    As for the others, they pushed ahead with a differentiator (as they have every right to do) to win sales, and to capture those who weren’t going to buy a tablet. Fair play to them. I’ve used quite a few of the previous larger-display Android phones, and never thought much of the display quality — quite a few had very distinct hue issues (and some still do, do a comparison in the Apple Store sometime). But now at least the reason why they pushed to frankly ridiculous extremes of phone size is clear: making a huge-ass phone is easy, making a high-quality tablet (and tablet apps) is apparently quite hard.

    1. Same here really. the 4.7″ screen is just a little big for me to comfortably use it 1 handed. Probably 4.5″ or 4.6″ is the most my thumb can comfortably reach everything.
      (and no, the double tapping the touchID means nothing to me, more of a pain than help if I have to use the top portion of the screen more than one touch….)

      I have a Spigen Tough Armor case for my iPhone 6, the little hole in the back to show the Apple logo works great to place my index finger in there and hold the iPhone a little further up my palm than I did with my iPhone 5.

      Also have an iPad Air 2 now, damn thing is nice. I would have picked up the Mini if Apple put the A8 in it… but A7, so went the Air 2.

      the 6 plus is NOT a one handed phone for me, won’t ever get one. I don’t like phablets and the iPhone 6 Plus is one IMO.

      As the sales prove, it DOES appeal to many.. So Apple made a good move. *I* just won’t be buying one myself.

  4. Ordered 128 Gray iPhone 6 Plus from Apple unlocked (came with a T-Mobile nano SIM) September 12, shipped October 5, received October 10 – exactly four weeks after placing the order on the first day of pre-ordering allowed. Found a private seamstress who is enlarging my shirt breast pocket button flaps to 7 inches deep for $5 each. 😃

  5. I’ve been on the fence about the 6+ since launch day. Is it too big? Will it fit in my pockets? How about when I go for a run? I think I’ve finally decided to buy it over the 6 since I realized that 90% of the time I use my current iphone I am sitting down and sadly I don’t run as much as I should. Also, I really like the longer battery life, better screen and camera.

  6. “We still don’t know how iPhone demand/supply imbalance is impacting consumer purchasing decisions,” Cybart writes.

    But we do, at least for the first month on sale. Every day every 6 and every 6+ was bought. For either one, more would have been bought if they had been available.
    Well, if both lines sell out, the numbers reflect availability, period, and give no insight whatever into preferences.

    1. Yeah, I really wish Apple just made the iPad mini with true telephone capabilities. Thus at the time when iPad mini was new, it would have been the biggest phone on the market. And also, though Apple would hate to admit, the Phablet is a natural move (Samsung can be right about something) – certainly while Apple has been busy bringing web apps like its Keynotes, Numbers and Pages as iCloud added services — and to use those type of apps requires more real-estate space on a portable device.

      1. I dont like carrying two devices around.
        iPad is too big. to port around, an iPhone, an iWatch and iPad mini is ridiculous. There is no reason technically why iPad mini can not be the latest A8 M8 with finger print recognization and true tele-communication function like it phones. And it becomes a money grab from Apple to sport these devices so differently. iPhone 6 + is not big enough – pour moi!

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