Two months later, there’s still a wait to buy the Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus

“iPhone day, that time of the year when Apple fans must wait in line to get their hands on the newest product, is turning into iPhone season,” Mark Milian reports for Bloomberg. “The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out on Sept. 19 in the U.S. and seven other countries, and there are still lines at Apple Stores filled with people who want to buy them.”

“‘Two months after the product release, it’s still not widely available,’ Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, said on Bloomberg West,” Milian reports. “‘The supply has been tight, but the reason is the demand seems to be better than what people had thought, [Munster said].'”

Milian reports, “Munster said the extended demand for new iPhones could produce better-than-usual results next quarter, and that might make investors rethink when they should get off the Apple wave next year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath. 🙂


  1. When I ordered my 6+ through Verizon a month ago the expected shipping date was Nov 14. So far nothing. As someone waiting to upgrade from a 4S, I’m a bit miffed. As a stockholder, I’m absolutely delighted.

  2. … but no one will be buying iPhones this year because Android smartphones are just as good and much cheaper to buy. And loss of carriers subsidies will stop iPhone sales dead in their tracks. And everyone who wanted an iPhone already has one. This is definitely the year when the iPhone will be totally commoditized… and the list goes on.


    Where are all those idiots who make up these reasons why consumers won’t buy iPhones. Not a peep from those know-it-all pundits and analysts who always claim to know the future when it has anything to do with Apple.

    1. They still believe that the iPhone/Apple is a tech product that doesn’t really compare to specs of androids/samsung etc. They judge the smartphone market by specs/features . . . period. And then assume that the general publc view phones from their perspective. They are living in the old PC mentality paradigm.

      What they are seeing and do not understand are why the droid phones are being rejected by the general public and sales are falling. They are speachless. It doesn’t make sense to them. 😀 😀 😀

    2. One reason might be that the flow of payola has slowed down. Pundits won’t voluntarily write anti Apple rubbish that makes them look foolish in the end, but some of them (it is suspected) once did so in exchange for an Korean envelope bulging with banknotes.

    3. Yeah! Yeah! And… and Bendgate! No one will buy iPhone 6 because it bends! If you try real hard! Just like no one bought the iPhone 4 because of the antenna!

      If tech pundits were capable of being embarrassed by how wrong they are, they wouldn’t be able to stay in the business.


  3. Ordered my 6 Plus 64GB gray from Apple on October 31 with a timeline of 3 to 4 weeks. It is now in Anchorage, Alaska and supposed to arrive next Tuesday Nov.25.

    Once it arrives and is activated through Verizon I can order one for my wife and go through the wait again. Since I’m a new customer switching from AT&T they wouldn’t let me order both at the same time, which scalds my nads since they did a credit check and have all of my personal info.

    Sure hope her’s arrives before Christmas.

    1. THAT is way I payed for my iPhone 6 Plus in full.
      . . . and I can switch whenever I want, and I can write off the full amount of the phone THIS year, and I’m paying about half the sales taxes I would pay if it were subsidized, and I can put in a different sim card whenever I go out of the country . . .

  4. Unless your in a location that does not have an Apple Store nearby, you can usually routinely check your local Apple store and get what your looking far sooner than you’ll ever get it from the online store and usually far faster than any of the carriers.

    1. That’s what happened to me. Ordered it from Apple with a 3-4 week wait, found the exact gold iP6+ 128Gb model I wanted at a local Apple Store one week later after just inquiring. Don’t wait, go to one of the stores first if possible.

    2. Before I ordered mine our Apple Store only had the 6 silver 16GB model and Verizon had nothing.

      After I ordered mine one of the VPs from work showed me his 6 that he got from Sam’s Club. Said he asked on a long shot and they had a dozen on hand. But it too was a silver 16GB, which was okay with him.

    3. Was near the Apple Store in Manhattan Beach, CA just a few days ago. Thought I’d go in and finally see the new iPhones and 5K iMac in person. I was surprised to find a controlled line outside the front door with about 25 people waiting patiently. Asked the blue-shirted Apple guy what the line was for. “To buy the iPhone 6”, I was told. Wow, a line on a Wednesday afternoon.

  5. Every Apple item I own I have bought direct from Apple.

    But there I was, five weeks ago in Costco walking by the phone booth. Just happened to ask if they had an iPhone 6 64gb Space Grey.

    Yep, done deal.

  6. My kids took me to the Apple Store in Tampa on my birthday, Nov 15, to surprise me with a new iPhone 6 Plus. I told them when we go there that we were not going to get one that night. I was wrong, walked out with an iPhone 6 Plus with 64GB. A very happy birthday.

  7. Why is it Apple has same supply issue every year?

    On a side note we have been working downtown Naperville IL where an Apple Store is and I have to say no matter what time of day the store always has a small crowd and I often see packages leaving the store ….. All this while other retailers have 3-5 customers max!

  8. Ordered 128 Gray iPhone 6 Plus from Apple unlocked (came with a T-Mobile nano SIM) September 12, shipped October 5, received October 10 – exactly four weeks after placing the order on the first day of pre-ordering allowed. Found a private seamstress who is enlarging my shirt breast pocket button flaps to 7 inches deep for $5 each. 😃

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