R.I.P. Mac OS X Hints, November 4, 2000 – November 4, 2014

“Dearly beloved… On this, the occasion of its 14th birthday, we’re gathered here to mark the passing of Mac OS X Hints,” Rob Griffiths writes for Robservatory.

“While it can be hard to tell exactly when a web site has died, the signs are fairly obvious. It’s been over 45 days since the last new hint appeared on the site. There is no way for new users to sign up for an account. There’s been one new comment posted in the last two days,” Griffiths writes. “A sidebar box proudly proclaims Latest Mountain Lion Hints. The site design, logo, and icons were last updated when I worked for Macworld, over four years ago. To paraphrase a Star Trek character, ‘it’s dead, Jim.'”

“To be fair, it’s a bit more Monty Python ‘I’m not dead!’ than officially dead, but really, the site is a dead man walking. Now that I’m done with movie analogies, let me explain why the passing of Mac OS X Hints isn’t a bad thing,” Griffiths writes. “(Note that Mac OS X Hints’ passing is in no way a reflection of its management by Macworld. In fact, the opposite is true: I believe the site would have ceased to exist years ago without their involvement.) The simple truth is that the need for OS X hints has tapered off to near zero over the last 14 years. And that’s a good thing.”

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  1. While I didn’t use it a lot, the hints I found there from time to time proved very useful and some may still be applicable now, hopefully the info will still be available for a while.

  2. There might still be hope. smcFanController hadn’t sen an update in two years and the last comment from the admin was on 1/9/12 and lo and behold! two updated in a week.

    I know, not a lot of hope to hold onto but it is something.

  3. I’m embarrassed to say I never heard of the site. In the early days, I hung around MacFixIt and a forum whose name escapes me. (Mac OS X Help? That’s not right.) Eventually I found that a Google search of my problem was the best way to find a solution.

    I’m not surprised people are using the Terminal less and less, almost never. Didn’t Jobs once say “If a Mac user has to use the Terminal for anything, we’ve failed.”?


    1. On 10-22-2014 At The MacOSXHints Forums, the question was asked:
      Just wondering about the status of the OS X Hints website as it has been dormant for some time…. Does anyone have any news?


      Site administrator Craig R. Arko replied:
      All I really know is that I am no longer with the company, and the contact at Macworld I had is also gone. So I really have no idea what the future plans might be. I hope for the best, and that Yosemite helps bring it back to life.

      Meanwhile, the Mac OS X Hints Forums remain active:

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