A month in, the iPhone 6 Plus was obviously the right choice

“It didn’t take long for me to get used to Apple’s large new iPhone 6 Plus. After more than a month of everyday use, it has become even more of the pocket computer I’ve always wanted,” Dan Frommer writes for Quartz.

“Yes, it’s still ‘too big’ — in the best way,” Frommer writes. “It’s not going to fit in your hand or pocket the same way a smaller phone does. But that’s the point — I’ve been very happy with the tradeoff. The big screen, which displays more text than before, and makes photos look amazing, has come to feel luxuriously comfortable. It’s like driving a SUV instead of a Prius. My old iPhone 4, which I use as a kitchen radio, feels like a miniature toy.”

“It hasn’t replaced my iPad. This surprised me,” Frommer writes. “I thought my beloved iPad mini would be doomed with a new device, almost half its size, in the house. But I still find myself reaching for the iPad when it’s time to read something for more than a few minutes, for watching videos, for recipes in the kitchen, and for reading in bed. I’m not sure I’d buy both if I owned neither—if anything, a massive kitchen iPad seems even more intriguing now.””

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  1. Choosing and using an iPhone 6 Plus over a smaller iPhone 6 is nothing like choosing an SUV over a Prius. Unlike choosing to drive your fat ass and your latte to the office in a hulking SUV with seating for 9, your choice to carry an iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t impinge on others’ safety or cause extra undo harm to the environment we all share.

    1. I drive a Hummer, alone, for at least two hours per day and you can GFY, pansy. I’ll drive whatever the fsck I want to drive. This is still America, regardless of what you leftist fools desire. I’m going to go cut down some trees now, on MY property, so GFY again and have a nice day.

    2. The real so called harm you are talking about, is caused more by the buses and trucks that spew toxins into the atmosphere. It is a bit disingenuous to pick on SUV’s. If they were so bad for the environment, wouldn’t the government just ban them? I think the real ‘harm’ is the militant environmentalists. They end up costing our economy much more in terms of damage than the little old SUV’s.

      1. Sorry but are you an idiot? Those buses move lots of people around. The pollution per person per mile is far less than the suv driven by one person. Second, SUV is a truck dumb ass. SUV is a modified truck to enclose the truck bed and add in more seating.

        You wanna drive a Tahoe, i dont care, but dont be ridiculous saying that buses and trucks are the problem.

        The real problem is we have not switched off fossil fuels. There is no reason we can’t have an all electric bus, truck, suv or otherwise. The fact is that there has been little incentive for car manufactures to switch off oil driven propulsion until about 10-15 years ago. Gas use to be cheap, regardless of environmental impact.

        1. Uh, d u m b Ass…how is electricity generated? Coal. Fossil fuel. Pollution. All electric is a pipe dream that will never happen, so really stop being so naive. It won’t happen. Now, who is the idiot?

    3. hahahahahaha!
      Great figure of speech, excellent double entendre and that fits the bill for meeting my morning humor quotient.
      I mean that is what y’all intended, right?!
      As this still remains America with some semblance of liberty and freedom of choice and such!
      Oh, by the way, if y’all actually believe at face value what you wrote, it sucks to be who y’all are
      happy trails

  2. Please, like the iPhone wasn’t a pocket computer already? I’ve had a computer in my pocket since 2007. I have a phone, an iPad and an iMac; there is no need for a cumbersome phablet that won’t allow for one-handed use under any circumstance. I’m glad Apple made the 6 Plus but if anything I wish there was an option for a 4 inch iPhone 6.

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