Apple replaces beleaguered Samsung as top mobile brand in China

“Samsung was replaced by the iPhone maker as No. 1 in China’s mobile sector this year, according to the China Brand Research Center’s 2014 China Brand Power Index ranking report released Tuesday,” Jaehwan Cho reports for CNET.

“The China Brand Research Center calculated this year’s rankings by polling 13,500 Chinese across 30 cities, aged 15 to 60, from August 2013 to January 2014, about brand awareness and loyalty,” Cho reports. “The report said Samsung failed to secure its first-place mobile ranking due to a focus on market share leading to falling consumer loyalty.”

Cho reports, “‘If companies (are) focusing too much on market share, while ignoring the concerns of consumers, it will cause a problem in brand management,’ the Research Center said.”

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    1. customer satisfaction -> profit share > revenue share > market share

      Customer satisfaction, way over 90%
      Profit share, 86% worldwide
      Revenue share, 30% ??? (guess)
      Market share, 12%

      Customer satisfaction, way over 90%
      Profit share, 45% worldwide
      Revenue share, 25% ??? (guess)
      Market share, 7%

      Customer satisfaction, way over 90%
      Profit share, ???% worldwide
      Revenue share, ???%
      Market share, ???%

      There is a trend here! Imagine what their profit share will be on Apple Watches if they sell the gold ones for $1000’s.

      Feel free to fix my numbers if you have better ones.

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