CNN election commentators use Microsoft Surface – to hide the Apple iPads they’re actually using

“If you tuned in to CNN’s live election coverage Tuesday evening, you may have noticed all the commentators using Surface Pro 3 tablets given to them by Microsoft — well, at least some of them,” Taylor Soper reports for GeekWire.

“Thanks to a partnership with CNN, Microsoft supplied the cable station with a handful of its tablets for the TV people to use,” Soper reports. “But it seems some were just too loyal to their iPads.”

“In September, Microsoft had to deal with sports commentators who kept referring to the Surface — which is being used on the sidelines by NFL coaches and players this season as part of Microsoft’s $400 million contract with the league — as ‘iPad-like tools,'” Soper reports. “Now it appears Microsoft needs to do some coaching with the political talking-heads.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft Surface. The joke that never gets old.

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  1. That really is pretty funny! But not surprising. And has anyone noticed how man MacBook Airs and Pros are showing up on TV news desks lately? I think the windoze folks are becoming embarrased to be sitting there surrounded by beaming Apple logos 🙂

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              Post by Addicting Info.

            2. LOL! I love the 1 dimensional thinking: ‘If’n yer not fur us, yer ag’in us!’

              I’m not here to change intransigent minds. I’m here to point out what ELSE is going on in the world so you can’t say you weren’t warned. It’s a 3D world out here, in case you hadn’t noticed.

    1. What a great day for progressive NeoCons!!!

      Tea party, conservatives, moderates and anyone not a left extremist can share in the red tide of the USA finally coming to grips with common sense and belief in defending the constitution.

      A sea of red to wash away the worst Senate in history under the worst president in history.

      I love the war on women, liberal women that is. What great historic gains capable Republican women made yesterday. Add in black conservatives as well.

      No one in the elitist Dem media saw it coming. So much for smarts.


  2. “Thanks to a partnership with CNN, Microsoft supplied

    …Or cursed…. IT’S OFFICIAL! So use the damned Surface tablets we PAID you to use! Or we’ll send The Marketing Police to come and get you.

    Terrorist CNN commentators fined $10,000 each for using UNofficial computer tablets!

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