Hardware.Info reviews Apple’s Mac Pro: Revolutionary, Apple reinvents the workstation

“It does not happen very often that we come across a product that is so revolutionary that even we need time to get used to it,” Frank Everaardt writes for Hardware.Info. “One of the manufacturers that often release products that are surprising is Apple, and with the new Mac Pro the company shows again exactly how innovative they can be.”

“The Apple Mac Pro is a very special computer, it feels a bit like an appliance that has been sent to us from the future, completely differnet to what we have been using as workstation PCs up top now. Apple has broken a lot of traditions with their latest offering, and this will take time to get used to,” Everaardt writes. “The Mac Pro introduction could be compared to the Apple MacBook Air when that was introduced, as that caused quite a stir in the market for laptops with all the changes introduced in that.”

“When you are in the target market for this workstation, like a professional video editor, this machine is a dream to work with,” Everaardt writes. “The unified thermal core makes it very silent in use as well… A workstation like this is not cheap, the entry model of the Mac Pro is 3.049 euros, which will get you 12GB of memory, two FirePro D300 cards and a 256 GB SSD. We would recommend adding 4GB to this configuration which is another 99.99 euro. As usual more is better, the configuration we tested with an 8 core processor, two FirePro D700 cards and 32 GB of memory would cost 5349 euro. The top model with a 12 core CPU and 64 GB of memory will cost close to 10.000 euro. This sounds like a lot of money, and it obviously is. However when considering that professionals could work faster and better with a workstation like this it would be worth the investment. We do feel that the right tools need to be used for the right job, which is why we have awarded the Mac Pro a HWI Gold award.”

Apple's all-new Mac Pro
Apple’s all-new Mac Pro

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      1. Just to be very clear: There is no cheaper way to run heavy duty Mac & Windows applications on a reliable workstation than to have a single MacPro.

        The alternate is to wind up buying two workstations so I can run SolidWorks on a PC, while I do the rest of my work on the Mac.

        The value in time saved is not even counted in my estimates.

    1. People too often equate “cheap workstation” as being good. That is a an “cheap workstation” is at best flame bait and at worst an oxymoron.

      If you do light duty work, you don’t need a MacPro workstation.

      What is the difference between a “cheap” and a good workstation? I have an earlier Mac that runs 3D CAD and with a 200+ meg file for a single part with nearly 300 surfaces on it, and it takes 7-10 minutes to rebuild.

      Put that same file on the new MacPro and it takes less than 30 seconds. Add up dozens rebuilds a day and tell me how much you save in a year.

  1. I suppose a positive review is nice, but this one is pretty much useless. It says nothing that hasn’t been said already, and it’s probably just click-bait, really. I mean, 20 bloody pages… 2 paragraphs and a picture (click next), 2 paragraphs and a picture (click next). etc. Let’s maximize those page view stats for our advertisers! After about 5 click-nexts I just shit-canned the page. Enough already.

    Gawd, I’m getting so tired of that MO. Click next. /rant

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