Warning: Glassholes to storm cities and towns across America this Saturday

WARNING: “Google is dispatching Glass Explorers in a series of ‘Glass Night Out’ events across the country Saturday,” Julianne Pepitone reports for NBC News.

“It’s a big PR move for Google, which is hoping its Explorer faithful will “help dispel Glass myths to all,” the company said via Google+,” Pepitone reports. “This is Google’s third major attempt to reduce the polarizing effect of its $1,500 Glass headsets.”

“The idea of a computer and recording device on one’s head has made some non-Glass users uncomfortable, and it has pushed the conversation about etiquette and social norms in a connected world,” Pepitone reports. “Establishments including bars and movie theaters have kicked out Explorers (whom critics call ‘Glassholes’).”

a glasshole
A Glasshole
“As of Friday morning, Google’s ‘Explorer Events Calendar’ listed Night Out or meetup events for Saturday in eight cities: Boston; Los Angeles; Madison, Wisconsin; Milwaukee; New York; Orlando, Florida; Palo Alto, California; and Washington, D.C.,” Pepitone reports. “But Glass naysayers in small towns aren’t safe either. Explorers in other cities and towns posted on a Glass community page on Google+ to organize other meetups on Saturday.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A prediction we hope doesn’t come true: Somebody’s gonna get hurt.

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    1. Can we go Thermonuclear or pull out our light sabers? Kidding aside I find this repulsive, intrusive and now I’ll have to cross my legs when I wear skirt dining? Ugh

    2. I predict that assault rates will skyrocket this weekend in Boston; Los Angeles; Madison, Wisconsin; Milwaukee; New York; Orlando, Florida; Palo Alto, California; and Washington, D.C.

    3. Must be fun to be socially rejected as a vilified Glasshole Pariah Geek. Mark my word, there WILL be a fatality from someone who takes a dim view, real or imagined, in a harsh lethal way of having their privacy invaded.

  1. How many Glasshole assaults will take place this weekend by people that become ANGRY about video and audio recording by these idiots.
    Fresh off the NSA and Don Sterling matter………………

        1. Thank you his/her/its contention is clearly an erroneous one. In addition here there are considerable restrictions on photographing under age children public or private without express permission of their parents so I would expect serious problems in this regard should such meets occur here.

  2. Last weekend i was at a restaurant and this guy with google glasses walked in with his girlfriend . Sat right across our table.

    I found it so uncomfortable having a guy sit on the next table with his G glasses staring at my table.
    it seems he was either enjoying being an ass or he was completely in lala land and unaware !
    He looked like a social misfit and a dork…..i was feeling the urge to walk over and tell him that. …. Or punch him or something.
    But im a peaceful guy.

    1. I can only assume that someone wearing those can record my family and myself anytime they want and I’m going to get angry if they’re staring at us.

      In the past I would shove a camera or a phone camera up someone’s ass if they had it pointed at me or my kids, so now those rules apply to glassholes.

      You’re not going to change any minds on this site, especially concerning a google product, so get over yourself.

      1. I realize I’m not going to change anyone’s mind. And I hate Google and their data collection as much as anyone here.

        The problem I have is that what we have here is a LEGAL question, and clearly no one here is interested in a LEGAL answer.

        If someone doesn’t like that someone else is wearing Glass, fine, but as soon as that person starts spouting that he or she is going to punch the person doing what they have every legal right I do, then it’s still a legal question

        You don’t like it? Fine, but it’s legal. Don’t suggest an illegal act to counter a legal one.

        1. In California, if you have a dash cam, you are required by law to put a warning sign on the window that conversations may be recorded.
          In public, if someone is recording with their phone, at lease you are made aware of that what action you do might be recorded. However, the problem with glassholes is that you don’t really know when you might be recorded on video. I guess you have to be on your best behavior at all times and make you don’t unintentionally do anything embarrassing.

        2. Do you have a citation for “you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when you are in public”?

          I thought it was that photographing or videoing in public is okay for street scenes, and so on — but that focussing in on an individual and following them or videoing them for an extended period is not.

          Of course, like many things, it’s likely that laws in different places are drastically different.

        3. You will find that the question of legality in any given situation will be a grey area, I guarantee that as and when they become freely available that there will be test cases to determine the exact legality of secret recoding especially once bullying and demeaning imagery starts to appear online without any permission whatsoever of the person involved.

          Already here public action against a web site that used secret pics of women eating on trains has been forced to close. The public are a powerful force when the focus is right and there are many such street actions and social pressure that can be taken to oppose such anti social behaviour of the glassholers that is perfectly within the law.

    2. How would u like me sitting across you with my iPhone camera pointed straight at your face constantly…. while you are eating, Talking with someone , having a drink etc ?

      1. I wouldn’t. I would uncross my legs at the dinner table and get up and kick you where it hurts. I’ll get you either way with the pointed toe of my shoe or the 3 1/2 heel.

    3. To state the meme that “Again-you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when you are in public” ignores the reality that when most people venture outside they hope that even if something slightly embarrassing happens to them (falling on their butt from ice, wind blows up skirt) that there isn’t some jerk behind them who will video and then post it on the web. Today, the odds are very slim that this is going to happen. It makes these vulnerabilities of our public life acceptable. However, what if everyone is now wearing glass? Even though most people are respectful, having cameras everywhere will make some people very uneasy.
      So you say , “Nobody is really looking at you anyway-get over yourselves, people”….How about that you yourself get over yourself thinking that you can define for others what their expectation of privacy should be!

        1. You throw out this link, but you ignore that the Supreme Court was only addressing privacy with respect to government or police intrusion. Everyday privacy is subjective (put yourself out there on Facebook, or not) and again geeks have no right to set the bar for everyone else.

        2. Shizzle.. How would u like me to follow you around with my iphone’s cam pointing at your face where ever you go in public.
          That is , restaurants, bars, sporting events, beach, sidewalks , parking lots, etc….

          All u know is that my iPhone is pointed in your direction every time u look up .
          U have no clue if I’m taking pics, recording, or simply reading my texts or playing a game or browsing .
          All u see is an iphone pointing at u!
          Are you comfortable ?
          There are certain codes of ethics that civilized people try to adhere to in a civilized society !

        3. I certainly wonder why the facility to secretly record is there if as has been illogically claimed no one wearing glass has any intention of doing so. Defies all common sense and available evidence with similar technology and really the claim that none of us is important enough to actually be filmed is simply nullified by 5 minutes on YouTube or practically any social network.

    4. This has nothing to do with “privacy”. It has to do with polite behavior in society. Recording someone is a form of interaction, and people feel uncomfortable when other people interact with them without some kind of introduction.

      Let me put it another way. While you don’t have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” when you are in public, you do have a “reasonable expectation of being left alone”. Google Glass violates that expectation.

      You just want to have a nice dinner with your family. There are lots of other people around, but you don’t care about them, and they don’t care about you. Then you notice the guy wearing Glass, and he’s looking in your direction. And you start wondering if he’s recording. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But it makes you uncomfortable, and it ruins your meal.

      That’s what we’re talking about here. Not “privacy”.


    5. Jackass, everyone has an expectation, even in public, of not having some social retard pointing a damned camera at them.
      Personally, I’d ask if I could have a look at their poxy toy, then ink over the lens with a Sharpie.

  3. I am trying to understand what I find so offensive about this whole thing, beyond my dislike of Google (primarily a result of their pompous attitude and how they dealt with Android after the iPhone was introduced). I am realizing that part of it is that people who wear the things look out of place in the everyday world. It is like wearing a baseball cap into church. To me it says you lack basic social etiquette and you like calling attention to yourself. They may be very nice people, but essentially they are clueless.

  4. So, this is like… a social gathering for users of the most anti-social appliance ever invented?

    It will be amusing watching them try to have conversations with each other as their magic internet glasses constantly interrupt them.


  5. In California, if you have a dash cam, you are required by law to put a warning sign on the window that conversations may be recorded.
    In public, if someone is recording with their phone, at lease you are made aware when someone is point a phone to record. However, the problem with glassholes is that you don’t really know when you might be recorded on video. I guess you have to be on your best behavior at all times and make you don’t unintentionally do anything embarrassing.

  6. GoogGlass will REALLY make news and grab the headlines if Goog will ask it’s Glassholes to go ALONE to areas like:

    : certain areas of the Bronx, certain areas of East L.A, a Mexican border town like Nueva Italia, certain lush growing areas in Columbia, any bar where Hell’s Angels meet up to ‘do business’ , near Putin’s FSB office, on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, outside a SEAL or SAS facility….

    I guarantee you we will get some interesting Glasshole footage and headlines…

    Google is so used to abusing invasion of privacy for it’s own ends (from tracking people , stealing Wifi Data from homes with its roving trucks, copying business secrets of it’s partners etc) and making billions from it that it thinks or is gambling that in ‘polite society’ people are too nice (or frightened of the law or causing a disturbance) to object Glassholes i.e people walking with cameras on their heads….

  7. 1984 is truly here. If each officer of the law has google glasses we are doomed.

    Each person who wears google glasses will have to have a ream of consent forms or if the videos or pics get posted without consent, then the courts will be flooded with suite cases.

    If each lawyer wears google glasses, we are doomed.

    If each “government employee” wears google glasses, we are doomed.

    If we all wear google glasses, we are borged. Prepare to be ass-im-mulated!

    1. We are already doomed. Most of the bleating sheep just don’t know it. That’s all I’ll write for now… I need to go buy something at the store so I’ll be happy.

  8. Seeing as I have yet to perfect Laser Glasses®™ or find an adequate energy source, here are a couple other retributional strategies for disabling Google Glass in-the-wild:

    1) Bent Coat Hanger:

    Using a bent coat hanger is of course the more dangerous option as it might possibly damage the GlassHole as well as the Google Glasses. But it affords the luxury of a couple feet of distance between yourself and the offending surveillance device. Simply hook the hanging end of the bend coat hanger around the Google Glasses and YANK HARD. The glasses will fall to the ground where you can crush them with your foot, a brick, or a small child. ‘Oops! I dropped the baby!’

    2. Chewing Gum


    Chewing gum is the more stealthy of the two options as the ammunition remains in your mouth until it is time for attack. However, it requires intimate proximity with the offending surveillance device. Glob the gum wad onto the fingers of your right hand. Pass by the GlassHole on your right side. As you pass by, glom the gum over the camera lens of the Google Glasses. Immediately step around the back of the GlassHole over to their left side. They’ll be looking to their right for the attack vehicle, but you won’t be there. Walk in the same direction as the GlassHole for further stealth and a good view of their response to your attack.

    Be safe out there soldiers!

    1. BTW: Next on my invention list is The Portable EMP Device.

      I know I’ve been talking about such a thing for years. But it’s gonna happen. Again, if I can just find an adequate energy source. Oh and a massive magnetic lens for focusing the microwaves at the offending electronic device such that the bearer of the weapon and innocent civilians are not electrocuted upon weapon discharge.

  9. Well, with 4 inches of snow on the ground and another 4 inches of snow destined to fall today, I don’t expect many Glassholes will be out and about in Calgary, Alberta today.

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