iOS 8 concept strives to make your iPhone even more useful, brings Finder to iOS

Interactive software designer and longtime MacDailyNews reader Jupiter Winters has created an iOS 8 concept video that features a revamped Home screen with updated icons, a more streamlined Notification Center with social interaction (post directly to Twitter or Facebook via the Notification Center, Instant Reply for Messages, an updated Stock Ticker, a more versatile Control Center with new widgets for Maps, Weather, Photos, and Settings, and “one more thing,” Finder for iOS.

Direct link to video here.


  1. This demo is interesting. I can see this working, so long as Finder is completely optional and not needed for everyday iOS operation.

    The second greatest innovation of the iPhone was dropping Finder. User experience experts had been saying for years that computers need to drop the overused file system and all its convoluted metaphors to make computers easier to use, and the iPhone finally delivered it. It’s why iOS is so easy to use even young children can figure it out, who would be lost trying to figure out a Mac or PC. I don’t want Apple to backtrack on this innovation, and start making users responsible for their information architecture again.

    1. The issue to contend with is how you handle 50 or 150 files in Pages.

      It is easy to get this many files over a short time and the “new” iOS Finder does help a bit, but not much if you have a large number of files.

      It looks like accessing files from a huge ‘pile’ means keeping files online and that has its own problems.

      We’ll see what finally ships, but, meanwhile I’m not going anywhere without my MBPro.

      1. That sounds like a design problem for the Pages app.

        Moving the same design problem to a Finder app doesn’t solve it. It actually makes the problem trickier, and leads to less intuitive solutions.

        If this was solved in the Pages app, you have options like sort by word count, listing first sentence, putting them into “books” or “chapters”, or any other organizational concept that makes sense for Page documents.

        If you move your same pile of Pages documents to the OS or a Finder App, not only do you still have a pile of Pages documents to organize, your pile also consists of any and every possible type of digital content. You’re left with extremely generic means of organization: things like such file-name, file-size, date-modified, file-extension, generic folders – things that can apply to any digital file, but aren’t very intuitive for any particular medium. It becomes much harder to design direct or logical means of organization, because now the app is charge or organizing everything – a jack of all trades but master of none.

  2. Very simple yet inspirational. What I wouldn’t give for that “Clear All” button under Notifications right now. And as nice as it looks there, it would really shine on the roomier 4.7 inch screen of iPhone 6.

  3. Please, don’t start adding file system management to iOS. The whole point of iOS is that you shouldn’t need anything like that. Adding such a feature would just be an invitation for apps to make users do their own file management work.


  4. ” a more streamlined Notification Center with social interaction (post directly to Twitter or Facebook via the Notification Center, Instant Reply for Messages, an updated Stock Ticker…”

    in other words, this concept adds bloat that many users neither want nor need. Keep FB and Twitter and Wall Street OFF OF MY PHONE!!! The fact that Apple continues to deny users ability to delete such crummy new “features” like this (in iOS and in Mac OS X) is extremely disappointing.

    Also, the flat white and gray ultra-skinny helvetica fad has passed. Move on, Apple, and allow users to choose fonts and textures that they can comfortably read.

    1. Tens of millions of people use Fb and Twitter. I use Fb extensively, and not for posting up photos of my latest meal, but for keeping in touch with widely dispersed friends, and a large number of bands and artists who use Fb as a highly effective means for communicating interactively with their fanbase.
      Like any media, Fb and Twitter, they have both faults and advantages; don’t denigrate something that you’ve never used, but which many others find very useful.

  5. Too much clutter, to many “shortcuts” to the same thing, resulting in confusion for users:

    “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”

    Steve jobs, Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference, 1997.

  6. The first part of this is rather boring for anyone with a jailbroken iPhone. I almost forgot that some things weren’t already like that on a stock iPhone.

    The “Finder”… meh. It’s an improvement, but not by much. It needs the ability to sort by date, type, etc… It needs folders. It needs to ability to view all, and then open in selectable apps. As it stands now, you still have to check each app to see where a file is, and it’s only marginally easier since you’re not fully opening each app.

    Of course all of this would be easier if there was a centralized documents directory that was sandboxed by app, with grant-able permissions, and that the directory could be cloud synced (like Dropbox).

  7. I dont need finder for ios. I have dropbox for this. What i need is full integration in ios and iworks. Apple must accept there is more than apple. If they are really customer focussed then give us deep dropbox integration. Or buy dropbox and integrate this in osx and ios.

  8. And yes we do need file management in ios. ICloud and saving files per app just does not work in a busoness environment where you deal with multiple clients, projects and organize your stuff accordingly and work on multple devices where i need access to my data. Maybe tagging could work here but then apple should implement this better and provide synchronisation like dropbox.

  9. If you actually use the OS, you don’t need finder. Tagging will help identify file groups. You can’t open numbers files in pages so what is the big deal. I’m glad I don’t have my iPad crapped up with file folders.

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