No ‘iWatch’ or ‘Apple iTV’ at WWDC 2014, sources say

“If you’ve been anticipating the debut of some new category-defining hardware at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, a word of advice: Dial back your expectations or be disappointed,” John Paczkowski reports for Re/code’s Code/red.

“Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell Code/red that Tim Cook will not use WWDC to unveil Apple’s mythical wearable device,” Paczkowski reports. “Nor will he use it to show off a new Apple TV, or even preview the new software the company is developing for it.”

Paczkowski reports, “As 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reported Thursday, the big announcements at this year’s WWDC are going to be OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 and, perhaps, the rumored Healthbook app, Apple’s coming foray into health and fitness tracking.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is going to be all about software? Whodathunkit?

[Attribution: BGR. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. And Apple will lose the market to fire TV and others. The Apple TV is outdated and apple with the iOS installed base could do awesome stuff with it but they choose not to

  2. The focus will be on OS X and iOS, as it should be. This conference is for developers. When they do trot out new gadgets, they’ll employ a different stage and address a different audience.

    1. Why are you all so quick to defend this making it sound obvious? Here’s how it could be: New AppleTV—Devs, here’s how you can develop for it, cuz it’s going to have apps. New iWatch—Devs, here’s what you can do to incorporate these awesome functions into your apps. Geese, can’t we all agree that it’s a letdown that the “all of 2014” quote by Tim Cook referring to new stuff has so far been morbidly empty, and now WWDC seems like it will too, except of the obvious? That actually does suck.

  3. “We just received an invite to San Francisco-based event on May 28th, where Samsung is planning a ‘new conversation around health,’” Mat Smith reports for Engadget.

    THIS JUST IN… Samsung has postponed it’s May 28th event. The event has been moved. Time and Date TBA, waiting on Apple to reschedule…

  4. Apple almost NEVER introduces new hardware at WWDC. The only reason to do that would be if they needed developers to create software for whatever it was.


    1. Your Lordness:
      “Apple almost NEVER introduces new hardware at WWDC.”

      Perhaps you are not familiar with past WWDCs. Check out what was introduced.

      Quite a range of introductions of software, HARDWARE and services that have been made by Apple at WWDC over the last six years (2007 – 2012)

      Anything is possible for WWDC and hardware introductions are not unusual and it wouldn’t be surprising (and shouldn’t be disappointing) based on this list as a precedent.

      Mac OS X Leopard
      Safari browser available for Windows
      iPhone developer support announced

      App Store for iPhone and IPod Touch
      iPhone 3G
      iPhone SDK
      iOS 2.0
      .Mac becomes MobileMe

      iOS 3.0
      Demo of Mac OS X Snow Leopard
      iPhone 3GS
      new 13″ MacBook Pro updates to the 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pros

      iPhone 4
      iOS 4
      Phone 3GS is now available for US$99
      Netflix app for iPhone, coming this summer

      Mac OS X Lion
      IOS 5

      New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro including announcement of Retina Display
      OS Mountain Lion
      iOS 6

      see details at

      1. Going back earlier in time reveals other hardware as well. Think about 2003 when Apple gave every developer at WWDC a free iSight camera.

        Yes, WWDC is about software development, but software development for hardware.

        If this rumor is true, it doesn’t bode well for an SDK for the Apple TV until at least WWDC 2015. The same goes for an iWatch SDK.

    2. “Last year, we saw the totally redesigned and very-cylindrical Mac Pro and revamped MacBook Air models; the Retina MacBook Pro was unveiled in 2012; the iPhone 4 debuted back in 2010; there was the unibody MacBook Pro and the iPhone 3GS back in 2009; the iPhone 3G was revealed in 2008.”

      1. Sigh. Okay, let me rephrase. I meant “new products”. They have introduced upgrades. Completely new products usually get special events all to themselves.

        As for the cylindrical Mac Pro, that’s kind of “the exception that proves the rule”. That’s a machine for developers, both application developers and content developers. So it makes sense that it would be introduced to its target audience at the WWDC.

        But a completely new Apple TV? It would make no sense for them to introduce it at WWDC, unless it comes with a new SDK for making applications for it.


        1. That is also what I meant when I posted above. Something like an iWatch would merit its own event with a different type of promotion.

          As for the case of the Mac Pro “preview” last time, I remain convinced that Tim Cook pressured engineering to do it, wanting to play an innovation card to counter suspicions that he was bluffing or dozing at the card table

  5. Tim is the most predictable in all of the tech world – he promises and that’s about it. Maybe he doesn’t understand the meaning of “great new products” – but, why would anyone be surprised to hear that? Apple Inc. stuck in average until someone new takes his place and gets the company back on track – if it’s not too late.

    1. Apple would have to fall significantly for there to be a regime change. Just like last time when Steve was called back in (when Apple appeared to be on death’s door). And look how long Gates and Ballmer held sway at Microsoft through it’s long decline?

      Even if that decision was made in the near future, just who do you think would be the one to take on the role of savior this time?

  6. This news is like the pony not story: Once, in a far away land, a father asked his daughter what she wanted for her birthday. She pleaded that her dream was to own a pony. So over the next several months he took her to horse farms, horse races, etc. They talked with several horse experts on what owning a pony would entail. During one visit to a farm she fell in love with a particular golden pony. She imagined herself galloping through the forest on her beautiful steed every night before drifting off to sleep. The time quickly arrived for her birthday and she was more excited than she had ever been in her life. She rushed to open the gift labelled from Dad. The present? – a video about ponies with a note saying maybe next time sucker.

  7. also of note, this year’s WWDC is one of the earliest to be held.

    It appears it could be the earliest in at least 12 years. Prior to 2002 it was held in May. I couldn’t find when it was held in 2002.

    2003 originally scheduled for May 19 – 23 but rescheduled for a month to 6/23 – 27.
    2004 6/28 – 7/2
    2005 6/6 – 10
    2006 August 7 – 11
    2007 6/11 – 15
    2008 6/9 -13
    2009 6/8 – 12
    2010 6/7 – 11
    2011 6/6 – 10
    2012 6/11 – 15
    2013 6/0 – 14

    and now this year June 2 – June 6

    Why so early? Is that the only time they could get the Moscone Center this year? (that’s what caused the rescheduling of the 2003 WWDC)

    Is it early because Apple has a product that ready to go and wants to get it out on the streets as soon as possible??

    Or does it have no significance?

    Why so early?

    Also, I noticed a least one mention that the 2013 WWDC was the 24th WWDC. If so then this year’s is the 25th – a silver anniversary. Does that mean anything? Will there be something special at this early WWDC?

    I see on Wikipedia that WWDC has been held since at least 1995 and if so then 2014’s WWDC will be the 20th – another significant milestone, in any case.

  8. I wish Apple would bring back a show to the east coast. I really miss the shows that were done in Boston. They were some of the best. It also gave the large population of the greater New England and Greater New York areas the ability to attend without having the expense of traveling across the whole country.

    The fact that Apple probably sells more kit in the northeastern part of our country than anywhere else in the world, should make them grateful enough for our attention, instead of treating us like chopped liver.

    1. I notice that Apple, as well as others on the west coast, send out their products with Pacific time as the default time zone, even though only 14% of the US population lives there. It doesn’t seem to make marketing sense, because it inconveniences the largest possible number of customers. The Eastern time zone alone contains almost half the population of the US. Eastern and Central together contain 80% of the population.

      If WWDC were held in Boston, or somewhere else in the Eastern time zone, the largest possible number of potential US customers would see it at a convenient time.

  9. I don’t know what sort of message they are trying to send me, but ever since I became a full-time Mac user, WWDC, gay pride, the local county fair, and my birthday have all come in the same week.

    Now WWDC is leaving the pack and starting out early. Hm.

  10. I am glad about the new MDN. This is my first day after having grown tired with the old format.
    Now about Apple. I will be disappointed if there will be no mentions of any iTV, iPad pro, or iWatch products.
    I have been waiting with my money to spend on these Apple products and I am getting tired of holding the money.

    Let’s get going and show Apple innovations.

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