CNBC’s Najarian: I had Google Glass for two weeks, but sent it back because ‘the product stunk’

CNBC Fast Money trader Jon Najarian returned his Google Glass purchased only two weeks ago.

The customer service at Google [for Glass] was phenomenal. They were great, but he product stunk.

I like to say ‘the ‘Gl’ is silent in ‘Glass,” because these things were not good.

Basically, it heats up on the side of your face; when it heats up, it shuts down – that’s a big problem. You can only get 10 seconds worth of video. You have to wink or verbally tell it [to record video]. So, it’s not nearly as cool as it could have been. — Jon Najarian

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Another lovely review for Our Lady of Perpetual Beta.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]

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  1. If you watch the CNN quick video with Spurlock and Google rep, you will think it works perfectly. He reacts as if it’s the coolest most useful thing EVER!

    1. Amazing how enthusiastic acceptance of a device ensues after large funds pass through hands. My nephew proudly brought Glass over to my house after being accepted by the program and I tried them on and was appalled by the poor quality of the product. $1500? Someone’s pipe dream. Funny thing was I saw my nephew at another family affair weeks later and he still hadn’t done anything with the glasses, so “compelling” are they.

      1. Hope you see him again soon and ask him why one side of his head is always reddish, swollen, missing hair in patches, ear looks smaller than the other one, his eyeball looks likes a fish eye ready to pop out. Also why 10 seconds of video ? That’s faster than Howard Stern last in the bedroom!

        One of these reasons should be enough for him to admit the POS is a real POS! 😉

    1. Billions upon billions? Have they really spent that much on it? It’s basically a public R&D project. I’m sure Apple has experimented with all sort of things, they just don’t make it public (and rightfully so, of course). But I don’t think billions upon billions have been poured into this.

  2. That ‘heat’ is actually powerful wifi radiation that’s designed to reflect off your skull. goo-goo glass quadruples the power whenever the signal gets attenuated which explains the horrible battery performance.

  3. It’s a good thing this usually goes in the right side of your head. If BLN (where is he?) wears this his LN should be safe in the other side of his head. 😉

  4. Why am I not surprised by the poor customer experience and quality…

    Googles brand stands for crap. They make stuff people don’t want that’s over priced, their ideas are the ones that are rejected at initial concept stage.

    Stick to search and sucking information out of people google and forget about all this crap you’re working on, no one needs it or desires it.

  5. I finally understand why they named their platform Android – users are going to turn into robots after wearing their brain melting goggles = great job Giggles. The zombie apocalypse is near and they will be wearing Glass.

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